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"Awakening Mindfulness" ~ Vipassana Insight Meditation
Tuesday Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation Class


-- Sorry, at present Classes are CANCELED
due to a Parkinson's-related
movement disorder
health issue --

...And ' Real Life ' simply does go on - no matter which,
what or
how much meditation practice you do.... so just do it !

Friends ~ I'm currently on an extended medical healing-leave into the beginning months of 2015 - possibly
in the Spring may be a go for a meditation sitting group !...

So I Extend Many Buddha-Blessings
of Appreciation to You All     ~ Akasa ~

WE Must Be The Change We Wish To See In The World "
~ Gandhi

Email AkasaLeviZZ@msn.com - 310-450-2268 www.DharmaHere.blogspot.com

What about ~ The Spiritual Adulthood Project ?
At present, I'm seeing a few highly motivated individuals 
counseling, coaching, kvetching or dharma-teachings study.
Be most welcome to inquire further, first contact by email.


LIKE to READ ? --
Well just continue to read some of this page here below --
classes or no classes -- it's good juicy stuff... 

Santa Monica CA 90405


A more Outside-The-Box Buddhism ~
for a much more Maverick Spirited Inner-Quest
thru Buddhist Insight Meditation that will Nourish
an Iconoclast Intelligence and
A Big Good-Hearted Mind !

So maybe scroll & graze around this site here a bit, first ....
then go to our own site - ya' don't have to read 'em all at one time...


a Buddhist Appetizer of Word Play to be read & savored slowly. 

2 - PART TWO ~ Important Stuff: ABOUT US....

This Part 2 is a MUST read .. to kinda 'get' where we're 'at'

3 - PART THREE ~ Program Notes & Teacher Profile bio

http://www.DharmaHere.blogspot.com - 310-450-2268


We Prefer an RSVP by PHONE or EMAIL message,
rather than the 'MeetUp' type RSVP - CONTACT ♦ 310-450-2268



This MeetUp site and the MeetUp RSVPs shown, 
DO NOT actually reflect this group's weekly attendance
The group members - the 'meditators' -
do not always / do not usually RSVP
or register with MeetUp or us - they just come come -
and we also tell people to just show up and sit.
Heck, we're just a small local
neighborhood meditation learning-group,
"The Gods love all their little creatures ! "

Driving DIRECTIONS & Parking Info, 
Class Donation, What to Bring, etc.

Go to PAGES tab back up there on the Nav Bar

or go to MeetUp's Directions & Maps etc...

C O N T A C T   310-450-2268

Best Phone Time to Catch Someone Here 'Live'
is Noon to 6pm, Mon/Fri
Best RSVP is by Email: AkasaLeviZZ@msn.com

Please GO to our own site for Directions... it's all in there
or just continue to read right here & enjoy...


~ 1 PART ONE ~
a Buddhist Appetizer of Good Words
to be read & savored slowly...

~ A more Outside-The-Box Buddhism

for a much more Maverick Spirited Inner-Quest
thru Buddhist Insight Meditation that will Nourish
an Iconoclast Intelligence and A Big Good-Hearted Mind ~


Develops A Quiet Mind:
A Quiet Mind Sees Better
A Quiet Mind Hears Better
A Quiet Mind Listens Better
A Quiet Mind Feels Much Better
A Quiet Mind Thinks Much Better
A Quiet Mind Makes Intuition Better
A Quiet Mind Makes Observing Better
A Quiet Mind Makes Mindfulness Better
A Quiet Mind Makes Understanding Better
A Quiet Mind Makes Decisions Better
A Quiet Mind Makes Actions Better
A Quiet Mind Makes Living Better

Who Wouldn't Want This ?
Simply All This Comes Through 
The Power of Much More Inner-Silence


The Core Purpose of Vipassana
Insight Meditation Practice

Veh'poss.ana in the Pali-language
of the original Buddha's teachings,

is the simple and direct practice
of ‘moment-to-moment’ mindfulness.

Through careful 'sustained observation',
we experience directly for ourselves
the ever-changing flow of
the mind/body process.

This keen awareness leads us
to accept more fully the pleasure
and pain, fear and joy, sadness
and happiness that life inevitably
brings to all our ‘experiences’.
As Insight-Awareness deepens,
we develop greater equanimity
and peace - in the face of Change.

Wisdom and Compassion increasingly
become the major Dharma guiding-
principles ‘informing’ our lives.
~ Joseph Goldstein


" Good timber does not grow with ease.
The stronger the wind ~ the stronger the trees."

~ Willard Marriot ~

* Sure, taking up a New Meditation Practice
and sticking with it, is WORK ! . . . .
Yet, the long-time, long-range results
are so peacefully, quietly worth it.


~ A Path With Heart ~

Keep me away
from the wisdom
which does not cry,
the philosophy
which does not laugh,
and the greatness
which does not
bow before little children
~ Kahlil Gibran
__________________________________ ________________________________________

Some of the Buddha's CORE Philosophy is that...

What is accepted by the majority of people ~

does not mean it is Real.

The commonest mistake is
to think that 'your' reality is THE Reality.
You must always bravely be prepared to
leave 'your' reality for a greater one.

And the most common attachment-mistake of all

in creating one's own personal Suffering...
is to continually keep taking
the Impermanent for Permanent."


Why are you so unhappy ?
Because 99.9 per cent
of everything you think,
and of everything you do,
is ultimately about yourSelf
and there isn't one.
~ Wei Wu Wei

Meditation helps us to keep from so identifying with
our own 'self-fabricated movies' of the mind."
~ Joan Borysenko, M.D.


To be a "Buddhist" ( really NO such 'thing' )
is to be both delightfully perplexed,

awakened and sweetened by the strangely sane,
refreshingly 'rational' path Buddha created.

"Have you ever noticed...
That it's always Now ?" ~ Alan Watts

Buddhism's all about experiential,
natural, uncompromised Truth.

Buddhism is so much closer to real 'science'
than it is to any 'theology'.
~ The Dalai Lama

Buddhist practice literally has 'Nothing' to offer you –

other than what is in THIS very moment. That’s all.
God(s), Goddesses, religion, entities and the ego-self
can certainly attract you with so, so, so much more!
~ Henri Van Zeyst

Just Practice to Always Remember That. . .
Whatever 'It' is – It's just a "Thought".
( Say it over, and over, and over, again and again )

So -- How's about Growing a 'Mind' you actually like !

So ask yourself...
“How Far Down The Rabbit Hole Do You Really Want To Go ?"
~ Lewis Carroll - 'Alice Through The Looking Glass'



" Buddhist practice is like having

a single flower in an empty room.

Some people don't see the point

of the empty room –

but it is the empty room that

brings out the beauty of the flower."

" Only in quiet waters
do things mirror themselves undistorted.
Only in a quiet mind
is there
a more complete perception of the world "
~ Hans Margolius


Important Stuff: ABOUT US

Hey Guys, 
This Part 2 is a MUST read . . . 
to kinda 'get' where we're 'at'

is guided by AKASA LEVI,
a former ordained American Buddhist forest monk
who lived many years in rural Asia – he now guides
a weekly,
small salon-sized group for Vipassana Buddhist meditation, sitting, 
practice discussion, and Dharma theory study in Santa Monica.
Now a feisty 72, this eccentric, really funny ole' Dharma-mentor
teaches in
his little shrine-room digs filled with statues of the Buddha. 
He invites anyone interested in 'meditation' to come visit.


We're Dedicated Atheists & Iconoclasts*
sort of...

So here's some very important points
you may wish to know about us . . . .

* icon ( a revered image or idea ) + 'clastic' - to break
the mold, to deconstruct,
dismantle, to break away from... a sacred cow, 
( one who breaks with an out-dated idea or image, or mind-set,
or religion, or cultural paradigm ) an iconoclast may often
be considered a Heretic, Rebel or rogue-thinker. Agnostics
and Atheists are also very often Iconoclasts... Are We Bad ?


offers a very eclectic practice of 'Self'-Observation
How ? - A meditation practice combining the calm sobriety and

"observation-approach" of traditional Vipassana Mindfulness
with the 'crazy wisdom' irrationality of Zen Non-Duality - which
short-circuits the tenaciously obsessive, self-involved, self-centered,

self identified, self-absorbed mind.

Our practice-group strongly encourages highly inquisitive, unruffled,
questioning, curious people with a natural, deep love of learning -
people who invite and even relish the profoundly abstract, and even

"the absurd", with a genuine taste for the indefinable 'existential' stuff.

Classes are certainly very suitable for Beginners
-or- also for mediators more familiar with the sitting-experience.

So you may be that more 'experienced meditator'
who is now seeking a deeper questioning into the
'Idea of Self' - and a more de-mystifying, open- minded, 
caring 'conversation' into Wisdom, Empathy
and what is 
Spiritual 'Reality' in our Western life-style today,

plus some poetry, and laughing !

We do our 'Buddhism' with a strong regard
for each individual's own spiritual experiences -

with an open heart and free thought and creative
expression - The Laughing Buddha Sangha attempts
to be both erudite, eclectic, enlightening and
entertaining in it's relation to the "illusory".
Yet, in the midst of our eccentric rebel-spirit,
our 'modern', and at times our purposely irreverent practice
our Sangha still offers the ancient, iconoclastic, original,
traditional Buddhist Theravada Lineage-based practice
of Vipassana Insight Meditation for an un-decorated,
un-romanticized, un-embellished clarity of view to
The Presence of Mindfulness' directly within
This Very Present Moment – grounded in the Now.


Opening the "Iconoclastic-Mind" ~
Buddhism Without ANY 'Beliefs' !

Explore and practice a basic Buddhist Awareness Meditation -
simple, direct, and powerful sitting of Insight Meditation and
Dharma teachings that always invite your mindful-attention
to be fully present in the moment. This moment ! Now !

In a gentle and caring class for students of All Levels of practice.
Beginners Very Welcome ! .. More experienced sitters also....
Learn to develop your patience and self-acceptance.

Benefits include improved decision-making, communication, health,
more empathy, kindness and a feeling of well-being and becoming
more effective in all areas of your life.

The World's Most Joyous Iconoclast & Heretic !
Through our gently inclined path of Dharma-Study -

which is quite accessible to almost everyone's mind -
yet offers a more Outside-the-Box Buddhism !
This path is certainly an intellectually rebellious path,
a heart-filled 'heresy' - for a more maverick spirited
inner-quest – by nourishing an iconoclast intelligence.
It is a path that encourages a compassionate and kind mind.
Yet it teaches a skillful critical-thinking – but with a caring,
tender heart.
So through some refreshing, risky, even some 'radical'

spiritual considerations of Absolute 'Reality' — that just
could open us up to the uncompromised truths arising in
a newly emerging, developing "Dharma informed Mind".
So when the awakening-mind goes spiritually-rogue,
it often goes iconoclastic ... awakened and free !

" Buddha has Happy Mind
Buddha has Liberated Mind ! "  ~ Coconut Monk


In these very troubled times
meditation can really help ! 

So, we offer you
Only a 'pointing' towards >>> towards a more natural,
uncompromised Inner-Awakening.

We do not do 'religion
' ....

.... the Buddha himself didn't !


3 PART THREE ~ Program Notes & Teacher Profile bio

http://www.DharmaHere.blogspot.com - 310-450-2268

OPEN CLASS ~ 7:30 pm almost every TUESDAY
~ check the MeetUp calendar to be sure ~
Best is to Phone or directly Email us.

( Best Phone Time to Catch Someone 'Live' here Noon to 6pm, Mon/Fri )
Email: AkasaLeviZZ@msn.com


TUESDAY Evenings Include:

• Buddhist Awareness Mindfulness Meditation Training
• Newcomer's Instruction - Silent Meditation & 'after-sit' pointers
• Deep Inner-Observation Mindfulness 'Process-Work'
• Dharma Discussion and Wisdom-Theory Study :: Satsang interaction
• Plenty of Q&A opportunities, lively Dialogue and some absurd Laughing
• Metta-style 'Loving-Kindness' meditation or sacred poetry to conclude

• The text book: " A PATH  WITH  HEART " by Jack Kornfield
is the only 'required' text for ongoing study

• plus some optional, free online readings ~ links will be given to you...


Beginners very Welcome !


When I see I am Nothing -- that is Wisdom.

When I see I am Everything -- that is Love.
And between these two, my life flows . . . . .

~ Nisargadatta


CONTACT  310-450-2268

Best 'Live' Phone Time to Inquire:
Noon to 6pm, Mon/Fri
Email: AkasaLeviZZ@msn.com

or GO HERE www.DharmaHere.blogspot.com/

Space does get limited - so let us know you're coming.

to see if it works for you, your heart and your intellect.

We are all Newcomers to these 'American-style' Spiritual Journeys,
these Pilgrimages of Holy Shopping that we seem to be nationally on -
- sort of our own self-styled 'Fumbling Towards Enlightenment'. . .
and sure, awkwardly at times. So Be Aware of your spiritual-longings,
your projections, and especially any of your impatient 'expectations'
that you may experience - even about our little class and odd teacher.

" In the stillness – space for a rebellious spirit "
~ our friend Noah Levine

" Teachers and Teachings

only do but point the way >>>

the journey itself - is All yours." ~ said The Buddha

Be Welcome to come begin to practice meditation, and stumble
with us for awhile...  It's a very long road .. we'll help you find
your own way through the beginner's notions and 'fascinations'
with all these newly emerging 'Spiritual'-technologies in the West.


" The Greatest Risk Is Not Taking One "

" While one person hesitates
because they 'feel' inferior & 'think' insecure thoughts -

the other is just busy making mistakes  a p l e n t y  -
and becoming quite superior "
~ The Tao


Maybe we'll  C Ya' at Your First Class ...
the end is insight


We also offer...

The SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD Project - Buddhist Therapy & Counseling
Buddhist-based, more Alternative Approach to Relating with Your "Self"
Individual One-On-One Therapy & Relationship Counseling for Couples,
Marriages, Friendships & Workplace "Reaching Out to Reach Deep In"
www.BuddhistCounselingTherapy.blogspot.com ( free phone consult )

" WE must be the change we wish to see in the world." ~ Gandhi


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