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Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 152
Heya, Wes....

Going through Teal's gold reserves, I realized that he has enough for a weapon or armor upgrade. Given that he already deals out prodigious amounts of damage with his bow for his level (imho), I was thinking of having his mithril chain shirt upgraded with the Ghost Touch enchantment. His regular AC isn't too shabby, so I'm of the mind to boost his AC against touch attacks a little more. Is the party still in or near a town where this can be done?
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,092
Yup... 25% discount ... *and rolls die for delivery time*... it'll be ready in 3 days.
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 153
Many thanks, Wes!!

So, my fellow adventurers....

I think I can safely say that yesterday's major battle presents a great case for getting the Holy enchant on your main weapon.

Remember the Ptolus campaign? After making his sword a magical +1 weapon (which is required before you can place any special ability enchant on a weapon), adding the Holy enchant was one of the first things Turlock did to his greatsword. It's such a great enchant because the incredible extra damage it does applies to about 90% of the foes you'll face! Not only that, it gives your weapon the Good Alignment property for the purpose of overcoming the DR of many of these opponents!

At first, I was going to place the Undead Bane enchant on it until I realized that making it a Holy weapon would do the same thing against undead foes AND everything else that's evil! Of course, that didn't stop Turlock from adding the Undead Bane enchant afterwards. You see, the Holy enchant STACKS with all the Bane enchants! Yet another great reason to add it as soon as you can! =)
John G.
user 4700290
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 111
Ah, that segues to the question I was going to ask about "what enchantments should I purchase for my weapons?"

Somehow I never think about that stuff, and then I wonder why my ability to hurt the bad guys is so limited. sad

Am I correct that the cost stacks as the bonuses stack? Because if I'm right, adding "Holy" to a +1 weapon costs an extra 18,000 gp. (A worthy investment when we're whomping on devils, just not cheap.)

Are there any other suggestions as what bonuses are most worthwhile? Many thanks...
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 154
Am I correct that the cost stacks as the bonuses stack? Because if I'm right, adding "Holy" to a +1 weapon costs an extra 18,000 gp. (A worthy investment when we're whomping on devils, just not cheap.) would cost you 18,000gp if you were adding the Holy enchant to a regular masterwork weapon without any +'s. Because your paying for the +1 enchant AND the Holy enchant. Adding the Holy enchant to a weapon that is already a +1 weapon would only cost 16,000gp.

Weapon costs run as follows: +1 = 2,000gp / +2 = 8,000gp / +3 = 18,000gp / +4 = 32,000gp / +5 = 50,000gp / +6* = 72,000gp / +7* = 98,000gp / +8* = 128,000gp / +9* = 162,000gp / +10* = 2000,000gp

* Since a weapon can't have an enchant bonus higher than +5, the +6 through the +10 values are used to determine the weapon's cost when special abilities (ie. Holy, Bane, Keen, Ghost Touch, etc.) are added.

So, while the overall total cost of a +1 Holy weapon would be 18,000gp... if your weapon is already at +1 then it would cost you the difference between the value of a +1 and +3 weapon. In this case, it would cost you an extra 16,000gp. Since the Holy enchant is considered the equal of a +2 enchant. Adding it to a +1 weapon gives it the overall value of a +3 weapon.

Now, if you wanted to add say... the Ghost Touch enchant to your +1 Holy weapon, you'd only be paying an extra 14,000gp even though the overall value of such a weapon would be 32,000gp. In other words, you won't get financially "double tapped" for abilities your weapon already possesses.

Think of it as accessorizing your car. If you add power mirrors to a car that already has air conditioning, you're not going to have to pay the price of the air conditioning plus the the price of the power mirrors to get the power mirrors. You'd only have to pay the difference in the cost between a car with air conditioning and a car with air conditioning and power mirrors. You're not buying a whole other vehicle. Make sense?

Are there any other suggestions as what bonuses are most worthwhile? Many thanks...

Besides Holy, there's a few enchants I'd opt for....

  • Speed is always a great choice as it will give you an extra attack each round.
  • Keen doubles the threat range of your weapon...not a bad thing. Especially if you're weapon of choice is a Falchion or an Elven Curve Blade which do 2d4 (18-20/x2) and 1d10 (18-20/x2) damage respectively. Think about it... a Keen Falchion or Elven Curve Blade has a threat range of 15-20/x2!!
  • Ghost Touch is nice when you come up against incorporeal foes such as wraiths and the like because it deals damage normally against them... No 50% reduction in damage nonsense!
  • Bane is great if you know that you're going to face a good amount of a certain type of foe. If you're not sure of what foes you'll face, it still doesn't hurt to get Undead Bane simply because you want to drop them as quickly as possible before they can start draining you or your comrades of abilities or levels. Constructs can be a bugger to damage and take down (especially if you don't have an adamantine weapon) so Construct Bane never hurts. If I have a fighter and I know he'll be locking horns with a fair number of constructs, I try to equip him with an Adamantine Construct Bane Warhammer in addition to his other weapons. As I mentioned in my other post, the Bane enchant stacks with the Holy one.

There are a couple others that have potential but I really have a hard time taking them because of some major drawbacks in my opinion.

  • Brilliant Energy appears to be a great enchant because it not only ignores armor and shield bonuses but it also ignores any enhancements they may possess as well. However, I HATE the fact that, against undead and constructs, it's about as useful as a wet turd! This combined with it chewing up a full +4 of the maximum +10 enhancement bonuses your weapon's allowed, makes it an enchantment I just can't justify.
  • Thundering has the potential to be a great enchant if it acted like some of the other elementally damaging enchants. However, while Flaming Burst, Icy Burst, Shocking Burst, and their ilk still kick in and deal extra damage whenever you score a hit on an opponent. The Thundering enchant ONLY works when you score a critical hit. Let's face it... While you can find a whole mess of critters that are resistant (or even immune) to fire, cold, electricity, etc., few and far between are the ones that are impervious to sonic damage. If they ever make a Thundering enchant that does damage on a normal hit like the other elemental enchants, and then create a Thundering Burst weapon where, besides the extra damage it does on a crit, it is still dealing out a lesser amount of sonic damage on a regular hit... I am SO there!!

Yes, if you can't tell by now.... custom crafting weapons that make my foes quake in fear and crap their armor is a definite way I get my jollies! That notwithstanding, I hope this helps. =)

Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 71
Since were talking about making arms and armor I am going to release the Turin Arms Armor and Wonderous items Sumner Catalog with price guide

Armor and shields
+1 500gp
+2 variety 2000 gp
enhancements offered
Arrow Deflection (shield) 500gp
Blinding 500gp (shield)
Energy Resistance 9000gp
Improved Energy resistance 21,000gp
shadow 1875 gp
Slick 1875 gp
Specailty armors and shields
adamantine breastplate 5100 gp
celestial armor 11500 gp
Dwarven plate 8250 gp
Dragonhide 1650 gp
Elven chain 2575 gp
Mithril Full plate of Speed 18500 gp

Specialty Shields
Refer to pathfinder handbook and prices are base price

+1 variety 1000 gp
+2 variety 4000 gp

Anarchic 4000 gp
Axiomatic 4000 gp
Distance 1000 gp
Holy 4000 gp
Merciful 1000 gp
Returning 1000 gp
Speed 8000 gp
Thundering 1000 gp

Any wondrous item with CL of 7th or lower for base cost

If you have an order please post it on the thread

Kevin N
user 6519902
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 132
I was just updating my core rules and i found that the removed the Elf, Half-elf requirement for arcane archer just thought i would let everyone know
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 155
Heya, Josh....

I have to check Teal's gold reserves after getting the Ghost Touch enchant on his +2 Mithral Chain Shirt. If and when he has the funds available, I'll probably have you craft the following:

  • Holy enchant on his greatbow.
  • Arrow Deflection enchant on his buckler.
  • Shadow enchant on his armor.

I'm kind of back and forth about getting the Shadow enchant on Teal's armor. However, since his last level raise, I noticed Teal's Stealth skill is becoming quite formidable. He's getting to the point where he may be able to sneak around and snipe at will without being noticed.

Eventually, I'm going to have the Distance and Speed enchants on his greatbow but that will be as the gold becomes available. Many Thanks!! =)
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 156

Thanks for the Holy enchant! It's SO much more affordable when one of your adventuring mates has the ability to enchant your weapons!

I know I asked you this before but, at what level would you be able to place the Ghost Touch enchant on Teal's bow and how much would it cost?

If it's something where we'd have to wait more than a level, I'll stick to the original plan of having you either place a different enhancement on his bow or his armor. As for getting Ghost Touch, Teal can simply visit the last town where we owned that Contract Devil and guilt screw them into slapping the enchant on his weapon.

Btw, Turin did great job on dispatching that Displacer Beast on our last outing! Teal was getting mildly miffed about aiming his bow so well and watching big divots of earth fly up around that thing!
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 157

I have a question regarding the Seeking enchant.

Before you answer, please keep in mind that I realize that none of this stuff applies to TOTAL concealment and cover.

Does the Seeking enhancement negate miss chances from concealment AND cover, or just concealment?

At first it would appear that it only negates miss chances from concealment as the word "concealment" is there and the word "cover" is not. However, if you read this entire sentence contained within description, the following passage seems to imply that it negates the benefits from both concealment and cover:

"The weapon veers toward its target, negating any miss chances that would otherwise apply, such as from concealment."

As I read it, the word "any" would imply that it negates any and all miss factors. The words "such as" preceding the word "concealment" would indicate concealment being used as an example but not the only thing that's affected.

It also mentions that the weapon "veers towards its target", which implies that it goes around things and not through them. Concealment merely hides one but doesn't necessarily provide any AC benefits as you could conceal a foe behind a wall of leaves which arrows would pass right through. A rock, however, would provide both concealment AND cover because an arrow could not pass through it.* Since the Seeking enhancement causes the arrows shot from a bow to "veer" towards the intended target, then that would clearly imply that they go around any obstacles. For example, an arrow released from a bow with the Seeking enhancement would go around a rock that provides both concealment and cover to strike an enemy. The enemy would still benefit from any combination of armor, spells, or other AC boosting magical equipment they may be wearing, they just wouldn't benefit from the rock.

I believe that a weapon imbued with the Seeking enchant is pretty much the same as if your character possessed the Improved Precise Shot feat. In a nutshell, this feat negates the AC and miss chances that cover and concealment supply. Unless, of course, it's TOTAL concealment and cover in which case neither the Seeking enchant nor the Improved Precise Shot feat have any benefits at all.

Let me know what your take is on this and I can plan accordingly for Teal's choices on any upcoming feats and weapon enchantments. Many Thanks!! =)

*[Yes, you Arcane Archers out there, I understand that a Phase Arrow could!]
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