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Selected By: Charlotte Sahadeo

Stunning Vintage

Philadelphia, PA (map)

Selected by: Charlotte Sahadeo

Okay, for some weird reason the time is set to 12am. We should aim for noon?

I say everyone bring a blanket and a picnic lunch so we can enjoy the sunshine!

Also, we should bring fabrics we're not using for a fabric swap and discuss ideas :)

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    Hi Guys, I have my studio that's big enough to host a meet up meeting. I own Stunning Vintage, We specializes in bringing classic fashion to a new generation. We do this via our eclectic sewing courses and through our boutique. This should be fun. Let me know who's interested :)

    Posted by Charlotte Sahadeo December 5
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    • Charlotte Sahadeo's Photo

      Yayy! Thanks Vanity221 :)

      Posted by Charlotte Sahadeo December 5
    • vanity221's Photo

      No problem!

      Posted by vanity221 December 5

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Philadelphia BurdaStyle Community

Philadelphia, PA Founded April 24, 2011
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