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Our November 26, 2010 Meetup

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Best Buy - Eastview Mall

Rochester, NY (map)

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I was thinking about going to Best Buy, because of their normal Black Friday lines, and causing some ruckus before the doors open. I'm not sure if that'll be 5-6am, but that can be discussed later. Ideas so far - Parking our cars near the entrance and continuously hitting the "panic" button, maybe while standing in line. After a good amount of time, we could leave the line and drive away. We could get car spray paint and either paint ours or others cars. Stemming off the humming idea, I was thinking about purchasing a small whistle to keep the shoppers happy later on in the stores. We could do drive by water ballooning, eggs, confetti, silly string, etc... Maybe with a flag hanging off cars or bodies discussing the cause of all the havoc. I'm going to be printing off a ton of flyers for BND in the meantime. I'm going to try and strategically place them so they'll stay up and actually be read. Hopefully storm the surrounding suburbs since that's where most of the consuming happens. As well as place a few at coffee spots, restaurants, etc... in the downtown/south wedge area. I realize this might not be what everyone had imagined on doing, so I'd like it to be known I'm open to change plans. I just want to get Rochester on the forefront of this exciting venture. I'd be down to have a meet-up or discussion before hand? I know there a lot of people on board with this thought in the Rochester area, I'd just like them to speak out and create change! -Mav

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    Organizing a big guerrilla art, site-specific installation that will have national noteriety and worldwide attention. The Project will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. We will be assembling our crew along the trip down from New York to GA, much like the Magnificent Seven to "do a job." Specifics of the project must remain covert but we can promise you it will not involve violence, graffitti, vandalism or any other kind of property destruction. However, it promises to be the most ambitious project

    Posted by Maverick J. November 24, 2010
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      Sorry to flood the comments - I didn't know the red button would delete Zoren X Cross' comment. Here it is.

      Posted by Maverick J. November 24, 2010
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    I revamped my ideas after thinking about the "frat idea" comment. Granted the customers are a big concern, the real issue is with the big box stores in general. It would annoy and potentially void the message if it were strictly aimed at the customers - I could argue it either way, though. I'm still planning on being at Eastview/surrounding plazas that morning in case anyone would like to join. E-mail maverickjames1 [at] g m a i l [dot] com

    Posted by Maverick J. November 24, 2010
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    You're more than welcome to provide ideas other than the few I had listed. Like I said, I realize this isn't what everyone would have in mind. The whole mindset behind the disruption was the people waiting in line might leave. I'm definitely all ears for better ideas though?

    Posted by Maverick J. November 22, 2010

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Rochester Buy Nothing Day Community

Rochester, NY Founded November 11, 2010
Culture Jammers
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