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Voter Locations

Voting Locations

Excel spreadsheet 551K Paul Jan 16, 2012

newt comparison

for tabling/canvassing

Adobe Acrobat file 54K Thomas C. Dec 1, 2011


for canvassing 2 sided

Adobe Acrobat file 72K Thomas C. Nov 23, 2011


revised candidate comparison sheet that was handed out at the value voters summit in DC - was well received - please hand out at tabling and canvassing events

Adobe Acrobat file 37K Thomas C. Nov 17, 2011


sign up sheet for your group - if you don't have one

Adobe Acrobat file 71K Thomas C. Oct 28, 2011

Mosaic Handout

Adobe Acrobat file 3.7M A former member Jun 3, 2011

Ron Paul Handout

I made this for more traditional republicans. Take this and use it however you want depending on your audience. Make your own changes and improvements. I feel we should highlight more of his character and accomplishments versus fringe issues.

Word file 32K A former member Jun 3, 2011

The Ron Paul 2009-2010 Family Cookbook

The Ron Paul 2009-2010 Family Cookbook Over 50 Recipes To Fill Your Family's Table and Hearts From Carol Paul

Adobe Acrobat file 2.7M Abigail A. Mar 15, 2010


Florida Freedom Legislation, Tenth Amendment flyer. Print out, then hand out!

Word file 1.9M Barclay Jan 2, 2010

IMPORTANT message from Edward Griffin, author of Creature from J

Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyl Island has an IMPORTANT message for Ron Paul supporters; don't miss this youtube video: http://www.youtub...­

Word file 22K Meg D. Jul 21, 2008


An easy to read important, fascinating and detailed history of the Army Corps of Engineers with amazing facts and particular attention to Florida. Everyone should know this story about America. The River Killers by Martin Huevelmans

Adobe Acrobat file 4.3M A former member May 13, 2008

RPOF Constitution

When taking the Loyalty Oath you are swearing to abide by the RPOF Constitution and RPOF Rules.

Adobe Acrobat file 36K RINO H. Feb 21, 2008

RPOF Party_Rules

When you sign your Loyalty Oath, you are swearing to abide by this document and the RPOF Constitution.

Adobe Acrobat file 66K RINO H. Feb 21, 2008

RPOF Loyalty Oath

You must send this in to be eligible to be a Delegate.

Adobe Acrobat file 86K Paul Feb 17, 2008

Delegate Application

Once you are a Committee Member, you can fill out the application to become a Delegate.

Adobe Acrobat file 190K Paul Feb 17, 2008

PREC Membership form

This is the application to become a Committee Member for the Republican Party in Pinellas County.

Word file 410K Paul Feb 17, 2008

Ron Paul calls for massive march on Washington

This may be the most importatant march ever planned. Please read the attached file and go to the video link where Dr. Paul calls for a march.

Word file 23K Meg D. Feb 12, 2008

Rollye James Radio Interviews Sofie re Florida Staw Poll

Rollye James is the host of a nationally syndicated talk radio show syndicated to stations across the United States, most of her calls come from online listeners and listeners of Talk Radio 165 on XM. http://www.rollye...­

MP3 audio file 7.0M A former member Dec 8, 2007

IMPORTANT Invitation & Message from WatchTheVote

Please Join these two Meetups and help assure Ron Paul gets an accurate vote count. It is CRUCIAL we have people watching to make sure the count is honest and accurate. Check out these websites for more information.

Word file 25K Meg D. Dec 6, 2007


Ron Paul's Tax-Free Tip Act in PDF format. One-color, 8.5x11 flyer.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.0M A former member Nov 19, 2007


This is the Teabag that we are looking to buy. How many should we get?

an image 27K Paul Nov 4, 2007

Ron Paul Wants to Exempt Taxes on Tips

Adobe Acrobat file 87K A former member Oct 9, 2007

Ron Paul Wants to Exempt Taxes on Tips

Word file 24K A former member Oct 9, 2007

Hand Written Letter From Ron Paul to YOU!!

Download this file and read it.

Adobe Acrobat file 174K Paul Oct 6, 2007


[PDF] CONSTITUTION DAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2007 Constitution Day that can be downloaded and passed out to potential voters. Founding Fathers For Ron Paul Flyer. It's a great way to get Dr. Paul's message out to the public!

Adobe Acrobat file 202K A former member Sep 14, 2007

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