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In addition to the two personal appearance presentations in Oldsmar FL June 2nd and 3rd (details below).......


The Honorable Jim Traficant,
eighteen year veteran of Congress and former Sheriff,
                         will outline
Project Freedom USA .....  

in an interview with moderator Rob Lorei .... ,

on Rob's  "Radioactivity: Live Call-In" show   .....


TOMORROW    Thursday, May 29th, 11:06 AM (eastern time)....  on WMNF 88.5 FM (in the Tampa Bay Area)

or you can  listen live on-line at  www.wmnf.org


(during the show you can call in:   (813)[masked]      or email:   dj@ wmnf.org )






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I suggest, if you already have commitments for Monday June 2nd and Tuesday June 3rd
that you reschedule at least one of them and plan to attend this event if you are in the West Central FL area.
(for other dates and locations check here frequently:  http://www.projectfreedomusa.org/calendar.html)






Former Congressman Jim Traficant is back!!!!!! 
and he has a common sense plan of action to SAVE AMERICA called:


Project Freedom USA



Come meet Congressman Trafficant
and hear him reveal how YOU can impact Washington to:


1.  Abolish the IRS, all income and payroll taxes


2.  Cancel the contractual relationship with the private Federal Reserve Bank

ending their control over America’s monetary policy


3.  Repudiate all debt owed to the Federal Reserve as interest


4.  Congress shall issue debt free money backed by stable

national assets as mandated by our Constitution


5.  Mandate a 30% reduction of the federal government


6.  Repeal the 16th Amendment (the “income tax”) and MORE…



Don’t miss this opportunity, an evening that you’ll never forget!
Be a part of the SOLUTION.

2 Days to attend this Special Event – Don’t miss it!

June 2 and June 3     6:30 - 8:30 pm

Community Action Center (CAC)
Woodland Square Shopping Center
3150 Tampa Rd., Suite 16

Oldsmar, Florida 34677

(*note: Suite 16 actually faces Curlew Road. For exact location
    zoom in on red tack
"B" on map here: http://mapq.st/1w34Hcd )


($2 donation to help cover room expenses, please)


YOU are important and YOU CAN make a difference. 


More info at:    www.ProjectFreedomUSA.org

(for other dates and locations check here frequently:  http://www.projectfreedomusa.org/calendar.html)













I bet you didn't know that....


the so-called "Federal Income Tax" was not needed to, and didn't,  fund the Federal Government during
the first 155 years of our history ...from 1787 until 1942. 

Consider....no truly free person would ever give up the details of his personal economic life to the
government....any government .... voluntarily .... even once.....never mind on an annual basis.

To do so would be to give up one's 4th amendment privacy rights to be secure in one's person, property,
papers and effects. (personal finances are none of the federal government's damned business) 

The recent debacle in which the IRS was used as a political weapon highlights the folly of putting up with
this bizarre, ridiculous, tyrannical, anti-constitutional,  fraudulent,  oppressive criminal custom.


If you would like to know the proper, liberty sustaining, prosperity generating, budget balancing system
for funding the Federal Government, designed early on by Tom Jefferson and Alex Hamilton, you need a
copy of the little book:
Prosperity Restored by the State Rate Tax Plan" by Edward A. Ellison, Jr., J.D. and John William Kurowski
and its essential little companion on money "
The Miracle on Main Street" by F. Tupper Saussy.


Together they lay out the simple economic system that made America more prosperous in 100 years than

all other civilizations in all of history combined. It is the core of what really made America exceptional
and a piece of American history that not one American in 10,000 today...much to their financial detriment....
knows anything about.

You can learn more about them here: 


You can usually find both books available here:  http://www.bookfinder.com/

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