The Problem and The Solution

The Problem

The Federal Debt has almost doubled since George Bush took office in 2000. George Bush increased the Federal Debt $4.9 Trillion Dollars in 8 Years. Barack Obama has increased the Federal Debt over $6 Trillion Dollars in 6 years.
Think this is by chance or by design?
Debt = Slavery.

The Solution


Must See !

Ron Paul wrote the NY Times Best Selling Book "End the Fed" and has a Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve.
In 23 Years in Congress, Ron Paul has never voted once for an unbalanced budget !

Make sure to listen closely. Ron Paul says he will get rid of 5 departments and cut the budget by $1 Trillion Dollars. Talk about getting the nation in order and finally cutting spending, Ron Paul plans to do it and those that have watched his 12 terms know Ron Paul "says what he means and means what he says" !

Listen closely at the 7:40 mark and you will hear Ron Paul state that he will only take a Presidential salary equivalent to the median salary of all Americans ! $39,336. That is "less than 10%" of what current President Barack Obama takes home of $400,000. That is setting an example not with words but with actions.

Paul describes his plan to return to "limited Constitutional government".

Here is Your Opportunity to Help Support the Closest Presidential Candidate to a Founding Father that You will ever have the Chance of Voting For. Support Him Now. Join the Revolution.


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