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Charlotte Philosophy Discussion Group Message Board › what is acceptable sexual behavior?

what is acceptable sexual behavior?

Bill Van F.
Group Organizer
Charlotte, NC
Post #: 1,412
We are so, so much in need of Humanianity. The tragedy we inflict on each other is enormous.
A former member
Post #: 443

FMRI scans from people for 5 minutes focusing on various forms of 'love'.

'Love' being defined as a control of certain brain sections activating in some manner..

The Love Competition

A former member
Post #: 3
That was beautiful Terry. Thanks for posting it.
But ... who won? Did I miss something?

A former member
Post #: 446

the first place went to the 70 year old couple. In second place came a 10 year old boy.
The place where the other participants scored is not recorded.

I think its interesting that we are born with so much innate potential for that measured
type of love. The 10 year boy is an interesting subject.

How was he able to get so good at feeling love from what took another couple 70 odd years.

Bill Van F.
Group Organizer
Charlotte, NC
Post #: 1,442
The older, married guy was first. The kid was second.

So love is a phenomenon that can be self-induced and can produce a natural high. Hmmm... Do you think this could develop into an addiction? ("Yeh, I'm sorry you haven't heard from me for awhile. I've just been tied up in some personal activities that I have not been able to break away from. Maybe next week. Give me a, I'll give you a call as soon as I can get free. Thanks for calling. Gotta go now. Bye!")
A former member
Post #: 538

The bonobo ( /bəˈnoʊboʊ/ or /ˈbɒnəboʊ/), Pan paniscus, previously called the pygmy chimpanzee and less often, the dwarf or gracile chimpanzee,[3] is a great ape and one of the two species making up the genus Pan.
The other species in genus Pan is Pan troglodytes, or the common chimpanzee.
Although the name "chimpanzee" is sometimes used to refer to both species together, it is usually understood as referring to the common chimpanzee, while Pan paniscus is usually referred to as the bonobo.
It is distinguished by relatively long legs, pink lips, dark face and tail-tuft through adulthood, and parted long hair on its head.
The bonobo is found in a 500,000 km2 (190,000 sq mi) area of the Congo Basin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa.
The species is omnivorous and inhabits primary and secondary forests including seasonally inundated swamp forests.

The bonobo is popularly known for its high levels of sexual behavior.
Sex functions in conflict appeasement, affection, social status, excitement, and stress reduction.
It occurs in virtually all partner combinations and in a variety of positions.
This is a factor in the lower levels of aggression seen in the bonobo when compared to the common chimpanzee and other apes.
Bonobos are perceived to be matriarchal: females tend to collectively dominate males by forming alliances and use sexuality to control males. A male's rank in the social hierarchy is often determined by his mother's rank.

Why female bonobos are such 'promiscuous primates'
The "lovemaking cousin of the warrior chimp" is happy to kiss and tell if it helps her reach the top of the social ladder

Do all bonobos brag about sex?
No. A high-ranking bonobo typically doesn't brag when having sex with an inferior female — it's only the low-ranking females who call out.
And if a group's "alpha" female is within earshot, the inferior female is far more likely to kiss and tell.
"They are very aware of the alpha female, who is the most relevant group member," Clay says.
"When she's around, they are much more likely to advertise these sexual friendships."

Why are bonobos so concerned with social climbing?
Females leave their original groups as juveniles and join new groups upon adulthood.
If a female bonobo can climb to the top of her new social circle by proving her cred with other females, it gives her a much better chance of scoring with the desirable male of her choosing, researchers say.

Bill Van F.
Group Organizer
Charlotte, NC
Post #: 1,492
So should we be more like Bonobos or Chimps?
A former member
Post #: 541
So should we be more like Bonobos or Chimps?
I, for one, would aim to have my ape nature to be more in alignment with those of Bonobos.
A former member
Post #: 543

'Gorillas are a lot like us'
New DNA study says humans are even more similar to apes than scientists thought.


The human genome project was completed in 2003, while the chimpanzee gene map was published in 2005 and the orangutan genome was completed in 2011.

"Comparisons between these can help us explore the origins of humans when we separated from the great ape species in Africa between 6 and 10 million years ago," said Richard Durbin, who also worked on the study at the Sanger Institute.

The team searched more than 11,000 genes in human, chimpanzee and gorilla for genetic changes important in evolution.

They found as expected that humans and chimpanzees are genetically closest to each other over most of the genome, but they found many places where this is not the case.

In all three species, genes relating to sensory perception, hearing and brain development showed accelerated evolution, the researchers said, particularly in humans and gorillas.

The team found that divergence of gorillas from humans and chimpanzees happened around 10 million years ago, but the split between eastern and western gorillas was much more recent and more gradual.

They compared this split to the one between chimpanzees and bonobos, or modern humans and Neanderthals.

Bill Van F.
Group Organizer
Charlotte, NC
Post #: 1,493
So should we be more like Bonobos or Chimps?

I, for one, would aim to have my ape alias nature to be in more alignment with Bonobos.

Me too, as long as there were some hot Bonobo females around.

(Oh, oh! I hope Helen doesn't read this, or we'll be in big trouble.)

(Of course there are philosophical issues involved. Should there ever/sometimes/never be inter-species sex? Noting that we humans have actually experimented with cross-species mating, has that been ethical? Why or why not? If it is okay for us to experiment and therefore allow and even encourage interspecies sex, is it okay if one of those species is human? Why or why not? I once new a woman who had tried it with two of her dogs. I considered her to be creative, good, kind, spiritual, etc. But she said I must never reveal her identity because it is illegal. Why is it illegal? Why did we ever put forth the effort to pass such a law? Who would have such motivation to put forth the effort to pass such a law? Where would that motivation come from? Of course God said that if a woman presented herself to a non-human animal for sex, she should be killed, but also the poor non-human animal should be killed too. Why would God be against such activity? Is it animal abuse? Was my friend engaging in animal abuse, even though they seemed quite willing and seemed to enjoy it? Why should the non-human animal be killed? Are there any Christians reading this that can tell us whether this commandment is still in effect today? Should my friend and her two dogs be put to death? If so, why so; if not, why not? Of course now, don't get any wrong ideas. I absolutely guarantee that I would turn down an offer from a Bonobo, no matter how hot I thought she was.)
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