Proposing the merge of Clojadelphia and Philly Lambda

From: Tim V.
Sent on: Monday, April 28, 2014 10:12 PM
Hello Clojadelphia and Philly Lambda,


Clojadelphia and Philly Lambda should merge. As one group we can do a
better job of serving the Philly Tech community than as two. So we
should do that. Thoughts?



Read on:

There's been some talk among the organizers of this group lately that
it makes a lot of sense to merge Clojadelphia and Philly Lambda.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Philly Lambda, that was a
group started way back in the mists of time by Toby DiPasquale and
Trotter Cashion which later was headed up by Aaron Feng and several
others (forgive me for I don't know all the details) that quickly
developed a reputation for hosting mind bending meetings with a
diverse group of razor sharp geeks rallying around the amorphous topic
of FP. As several people have pointed out, Philly Lambda's greatest
strengths were its inclusiveness regarding technology (even non-FP
topics were allowed on occasion!) as well as its strong community
which valued inter-group communication over eyes-forward

Philly Lambda has languished in recent years, while still hosting AI
Winter most of the time, and Paul Snyder in particular has expressed a
desire to see it revitalized.

To those of you unfamiliar with Clojadelphia; Clojadelphia started as
a renamed PHL Language Club which had been organized by Kyle Burton
and had started as a bit of a splinter group from Philly Lambda. As
PHL Language Club, Kyle Burton did an expert job of hosting thoughtful
presentations centered around Clojure and related tech, and brought
the group to a really successful place. Since I've taken over as the
lead organizer of the group, we continued in that vein for a while,
but lately everything I desire for the group has actually sounded a
lot more like what Philly Lambda has always stood for and less like a
Clojure-specific language group. We haven't even had a Clojure talk
since the last Hack Nights I hosted, I think. Everything we've done
has been something that probably would have been interesting to a much
broader audience.

So, I propose that we join the communities back together. Increased
diversity, head count, and community participation is the path towards
developing an even stronger tech community in the Philly area. One
really good, general purpose FP group would serve all of us so much
better than several more special interest groups.

As a merged group, I would step down as lead organizer, and simply
exist as a co-organizer with the likes of Steve Shogren, Paul Snyder,
the existing organizers of Philly Lambda, and whoever else is willing
to step up and make our community awesome. I, of course, would
continue to advocate for and host Clojure-oriented events, but all of
our events and discussions would be under one roof and other people
with different interests would hopefully be consistently organizing
other kinds of events. The goal would be to develop the group such
that at least once a week we would be doing something somewhere.
Pooling our collective resources such as venue, speakers, event ideas
and sponsorship would get us going strong in that direction.

I've posted a poll to gather opinions about whether or not we can all
agree to do this on Clojadelphia's Meetup page and Paul Snyder has
posted a similar poll on the Meetup page of Philly Lambda. Please, do
the poll and sound off here with any opinions or thoughts you have on
the matter.



Thanks so much for th3 awesom3 you all are for this community. Keep it up! :)


In Christ,

Timmy V.

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