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Oprah and 378 Staffers Go Vegan

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I caught a forum discussion about it and was turned off by all the meat analogues and processed soy and long list of snack & dessert ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if most don't stay on the diet after eating that junk, unless their diets were really bad before that, but I'm not sure which would be worse from a health perspective. After all aren't oreos and twinkies vegan?

I didn't watch the show myself so I cannot say what they ate, but somehow I doubt they were eating much whole foods from the looks of the shopping list. Maybe it was mixed too, maybe some who ate more healthfully did feel the benefits.


The fruit and veg list was the shortest list on there, IMO that should have been the focus and the other 'stuff' used as a condiment not the other way around. And, no bananas? C'mon that is absurd, bananas provide lots of calories and fulfillment I've never made a smoothie without one. They are an important element in a plant based diet.

I believe because the media pushes protein and fat some of the participants were probably thinking "eat soy, eat nuts, eat olive oil, etc" and not "eat whole plant food".

I mean, it's already tough for those giving up animal products, why not go "all the way" for 1 tiny week and eat pure at least. It wouldn't have killed them and by the 3rd day they'd feel on top of the world.

I'm not an Oprah fan anyway, but that's my take on it from a health perspective.

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You're right Sharon, there was very little focus on the nutritious "whole foods" (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.) There was more focus on the processed meat alternatives. I can only guess that her time spent in the produce section was cut from the show. I realize the soy meat alternatives are a good starting point for those transitioning and I have to remind myself I was there once too (I now consume them only occasionally and am strict on organic or non-gmo products). I'm sure it's hard for most Americans to think of a meal without meat (for example when she was showing her how you can grind up tofurkey to put in her tomato sauce as the meat replacer, well why not just have a tasty tomato sauce with no meat substitute and maybe throw in some extra garlic and spinach).

I did a little more research on the Temple Grandin system. YouTube has several videos of Temple Grandin herself describing the system and how it works, showing the process in more detail than what Oprah did. I forced myself to watch it. In my opinion, there is no humane way to look at it, the cow is still being "killed" or "slaughtered". Plus, the system has to "trick" the cow so much that it only proves to me how intelligent they are - feeling emotions just as we feel!

On a happier note, here's a good, recent, rescue story:­
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