Founding Philosophy and Reason for Organizing

We live in a polarized time with the political world embroiled in blame and wallowing in the inability to solve problems.

But let's be clear. The problem starts and can be solved with citizens - we the people. For years, groups of us have championed new programs and services, new regulations and punishments. At the same time, groups of us have seen the morass that has been built and refuse to pay a penny more. We add new litmus tests for candidates and see people with different philosophies as enemies. We spend borrowed dollars and have no real plan to either cut back or cover the cost.

Instead of sending problem-solvers and negotiators to Washington, we often send adherents and pledge-signers, people who refuse to compromise for fear that they will lose the support they need to keep a job that has become less respected and less impactful.

It is no wonder we are in a mess, one which will grind the genius of America into mediocrity.

We are a group that is willing to stand up for leaders who exercise common sense. For example, if the great cause of our time is the prudent management of the federal budget, then the work of the Simpson-Bowles Commission is a common sense solution. There could be others, but so far no one is stepping up. Last minute, drama-filled, small steps that postpone a real solution are simply sad.

Prudent management of government should not be the great cause of our time. It should be a given. Competence is not a transcendent mission, a rallying cry for a nation. Yet, we cannot move on to bigger and better visions until we get our house in order. No dessert until we finish the vegetables.

Let's gather and talk about how we can clean things up. Americans have been called upon many times to rise to the occasion, to raise the bar, to sacrifice and toil for a higher purpose.

We need to do it again!

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