Money can be a spiritual asset...

From: Max L.
Sent on: Sunday, February 5, 2012 9:48 PM

If you could tell money how you want to experience it, what would you tell it? Write it down...Start with this one: “Thanks, money, for changing your experience with me. I am ready for more” you change your beliefs about money, money will change its experience with you...(by Carol Tuttle)


Dear friend,

A lack of money and debt can easily cause stress to the mind and body; it is an emotional burden that you carry every day. This emotional burden effects the body and adds to poor health.

Changing your experience with money to having enough and more, paying off debts is therefore essential as it supports the mind and body in maintaining good health.

Understanding the nature of money in our time and how easily you can change your experience with money over time will help you not only have better financial health, but overall better spiritual  health.

Money is a system of energy. It is a neutral energy, a life force (prana) that operates according to the beliefs and perceptions we have each placed on it. Since we no longer hold a Gold standard to determine how much money can be circulated, we have released money to be an infinite resource...We call money “Currency.”

It truly has become a current that is flowing to us or away from us. Air is also energy, yet most people do not believe in a lack of air. When you breathe in air, do you panic because you fear that there may not be enough, so you’d better count your breaths to make sure you don’t run out?

Do you scold your children for taking in too many breaths and using too much air? Do you worry that you might run out of air at the end of the day, or week, or month? The amount of money you have is directly related to your beliefs about money. A lot of people believe there is not enough money, and their lives reflect that belief.

Every time you spend money, what feelings do you have? Do you feel good, or feel worried? What thoughts run through your head? Are you putting your happiness on hold until you have more money? Do you worry you shouldn’t be spending your money because you are thinking how much you do not have?

Money obeys us with the script we have given it. If you are running a lot of negative thoughts about money through your mind, it is time to write a new script. - Carol 

It is time to make money spiritual and allow more to flow into your life, as it is one of the most powerful resources to do good on this earth. You deserve to have more so you can do more good.

It is time to make money a spiritual asset!


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Love & Light

Max Leone & The Conscious Living Dublin Team


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