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Suggestions for an indoor trainer???

Folsom, CA
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Too many choices out there...wind/mag or fluid? Does anyone have any input on what they would recommend? I am looking at purchasing an indoor trainer and have heard many conflicting reports on mag vs. fluid. Any help would be appreciated. Also, has anyone experienced any issues using a carbon fiber bike with these types of trainers?


Cory H.
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Sacramento, CA
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Don't train indoors on a trainer. If you are like me, you are hopelessly addicted to riding outdoors. The sensation of being on the bike moving thru the wind and having the scenery change is immeasurably better regardless of the weather conditions.

OK, enough with my idealistic scenarios. We do have to ride indoors sometimes. I have ridden both fluid and mag and both seem very similar once you are going. I think the fluid tends to be a bit more interesting at startup and when you really push the pace. The fluid trainers tend to have increased resistance under both of these scenarios, whereas the mag trainers seem to be more consistent. I think that if you are just spinning, you won't notice the difference between one or the other.

I've bought and sold my trainers and settled on rollers, which force you to focus more on your form. Rollers are not as difficult as they might seem, but I highly recommend that you try some out (preferably for a few days) before you buy them. I went all out and bought some e-motion rollers, which allow you some wiggle room for making errors and also allow you to stand and sprint and really put the bike into action like you would under real sprinting or climbing scenarios.

Use a crummy tire while on the trainer or rollers, as the wear and tear is higher due to increased friction and heating of the rolling elements. You can actually buy special trainer tires if you are really going to spend some quality time on them. Also, don't forget to disengage the trainer from the wheel after you are done to prevent creating a divot in your tire.

I'd seek out a used trainer on craigslist. I think many trainers are used lightly and sold after only a few uses. I regularly see them for $50-100 and that's not a bad investment for something you may be unsure about.

The main thing to do is create a training environment that you will enjoy. You'll need a TV, music player, speakers/headphones, a way to change the channel or song!, a fan, a towel, water, book/magazine, another friend with a are going to be bored, there is no way around it. Don't let that guy in the TDF bike trainer commercial fool you...he's bored too. Trust me, you can watch TV while riding rollers (just not the very first time you get up on them).

If you are near downtown Sacramento, you are welcome to come try my rollers.

Oh, and there is nothing specific about riding on the rollers/trainer with a carbon bike. I do it all the time and my bike is 10 years old and running strong.
Folsom, CA
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Thanks for the reply and information. It helps make my decision a little easier. As many riders within our group could attest, I agree 100% that riding outdoors regardless of the weather is something I prefer, however given my health condition, I am forced to switch from outdoors to only indoors over the next 6 months. I own rollers and agree with you on the ability to focus on form and cadence but these are not an option for me to ride at this time. Based on what I have seen and your recommendation, it seems like a Fluid trainer is the way to go. I have looked at the Kurt Kinect fluid trainer and the Cycle Ops as well as Performance Bicycles in-house brand. If there is one in particular that you like, I would appreciate the info.

thanks again!

Rancho Cordova, CA
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Hi Joel,
Glad to hear that you are still staying active despite the current set backs! I have a Performance branded trainer. You're more than welcome to borrow it and check it out. I can bring it over anytime since I'm on vacation right now. Maybe we can do a swap; I've always wanted to try some rollers. I'll send you an email.

I'm not sure if this would be up your alley or not, but I think Steve W. has a few folks over some nights to do a work out on trainers in his garage with some sort of cycling on his TV. I think Quinn has gone over there.

The only think about a trainer that would be better for your equipment is to use a trainer specific skewer since this is pretty much what is connecting your bike to the machine. As Cory noted, different tires is better. I basically set up an old wheel with a smaller sprocket and old tire.

Trainers suck, but as noted, sometimes it's the best option or the only option. I know how much you'd rather be out riding. I'm looking forward to riding with the rouleur rhino again soon!
Mike L.
Folsom, CA
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Joel - I have a Travel Trac Millennium fluid trainer that your welcome to use for as long as you want. It's about 5 years old, but it's in great shape. I have used it with both my carbon bikes and have had no issues with the bike or the trainer. I did break off the skewer while riding out of the saddle, but that was my fault and not that of the trainer. It's boring, but it's better than no bike time at all.

I am not using nor do I have any future plans to use this trainer, so if it will work for you it's yours.
Folsom, CA
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Mike, Brian and Cory,

Thanks again for the information and offers. My wife surprised me with a trainer for Christmas! She worked with Keith at Bicycle Planet and did a great job of picking one out. I'm still about a week away from being able to actually use it but it's nice knowing I will be able to get some miles in...boring or not! I truly appreciate the offers...everyone in CF has been incredible. I miss riding with you guys but hope to be back as a slender Rhino next summer. Have a great New Year! (Brian, give me a call so I can get those rollers to you...608-2263).

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