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Stan S.
Group Organizer
Folsom, CA
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That Was Pretty Fun and Nobody Crashed!
It's not that often that I get to talk with a bunch of people in our club without huffing and puffing while I'm trying to keep up. As usual, our fit meeting provided a great opportunity to get to know more people and socialize a bit. For all you seasoned members with closets full of CF apparel and no need to buy anything, thanks for joining us and making the night a fun one. It's always a blast to yuck it up with you. To all you new members who joined us for the first time, I hope you got a sense of Cycle Folsom's culture and how deep it runs. Thanks for joining us. We look forward to your involvement.
Great Cycling Starts Here
It's a slogan that's on the back of our jerseys, but I'd be remiss if I didn't expound on its underlying meaning:
Great cycling starts here, in Folsom: Folsom is a perfect hub for cycling. As a group, we can gather at the same start locations each week and ride long flat routes, or gentle rolling hills, or climb challenging hills—or do all of the above in one ride. The city of Folsom also works very hard to expand cycling trails and bike lanes whenever possible, and to foster a great environment for cyclists.
Great cycling starts here, within this club: Whether you're reasonably fit and just competent enough to ride your bike safely, or perhaps a moderately fit weekend warrior—or even super fit cycling fanatic—Cycle Folsom usually has rides to meet your needs, and members who are capable of providing a challenge together with tons of encouragement. Your involvement, camaraderie, and willingness to support others who are challenging themselves and improving their skills is what make this club great—so always remember to "pay it forward."
Great cycling starts here, within you: It may sound corny, but you have so much more potential inside of you than you could ever imagine. Think you can't ride the distance? Yes you can. It will take take time to work up to it, but yes, you can. Think you're no good at hills? You can be. Make it your goal to train and slay a big one. After that, you'll find yourself looking for a slightly bigger hill to master. In no time, you won't want to do rides without hills. Over the past 5 years running this club, I have been soooooo inspired by the potential that has been harnessed by so many of you. If you've been doing this for a while like me, don't forget that feeling. Set some new goals. Challenge yourself. You've got much more inside of you.
If you end up buying a Cycle Folsom jersey, remember that the slogan you'll be wearing on your back, "Great Cycling Starts Here," is more than just a slogan. It's a rallying cry to enjoy—and support—the great cycling we have in this region, in this club, and within yourself.
I Couldn't Make It to the Meeting. Can I Still Try Something On?
Linda and John Elgart are kind enough to allow people to visit their home in the Curtis Park area of Sacramento to try things on. You can contact Linda to arrange an appointment at, but do it before the order deadline, which is Monday, March 10th.
How Can I Place an Order?
Links to the online store can be found on the Fit Meeting event description (click on "see all" to view the full event description), or on the Cycle Folsom web site, on the page featuring Cycling Apparel. And finally, here's a direct link to the online store:­
Just remember, there's a lot to choose from and a variety of options. All items are custom-made and not returnable, so consider visiting Linda and John Elgart to try things on if you weren't able to make it to the fit meeting.
When Will the Orders Arrive? Around May 5th.
When Will the Next Fit Meeting Be Held? Not until August for delivery in October sometime.
That's it for now. Thanks for the support!
Stan Schultz
Cycle Folsom
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