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From: Don W.
Sent on: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 9:09 PM
This is an excellent post.  It includes many points which I and most of our group will agree with.  However, I also highly value having friends that can show me how and why I should look at things differently.  I don't want people to be an echo chamber for my views.  However, I do want them to be both civil and thoughtful about showing the evidence to back up their views.  That is how we create a community works.

From: Tom Fields <[address removed]>
To: [address removed]
Sent: Wednesday, August 21,[masked]:18 PM
Subject: Re: [atheists-27] Re: DC Atheists Meetup Mailing List Daily Digest

Any movement, whether it's feminism, civil rights, or secularism, can be carried too far.  It can become a caricature of itself, especially after its goals are mostly achieved.  We can have an enlightening discussion of where the feminist movement stands now, and what goals it has.  What do feminists want that they don't already have?  How can that be accomplished?  I would really like to know.
But using emotionally charged "shock" words generates only heat, no light.  It makes what could be a rational dialogue into something more like a playground shoving match (or a scene on Jerry Springer). 
I cuss at my computer, rodents, plus the occasional wild, reckless driver.  But I don't cuss in a forum that is obviously meant for reasoned conversation among mature people.  We atheists, agnostics, and other freethinkers should be devoted to logic and learning, not name-calling.  I don't blame Beth for leaving when some participants act like pre-pubescent schoolboys rather than responsible adults. 
I have belonged to a number of atheist/free thought organizations, and attended meetings with several more such groups. Most of them do NOT stoop to using offensive language or name-calling.  Most of them focus more on where they agree than on where they differ. Let us do likewise.

From: "Robert W Ahrens" <[address removed]>
To: [address removed]
Sent: Wednesday, August 21,[masked]:19:03 PM
Subject: Re: [atheists-27] Re: DC Atheists Meetup Mailing List Daily Digest

I would also like to make one further comment.

As I have noted on earlier emails I sent out,  the attitude Carl displayed and his use of that word in intended to shut the conversation down.  It is intended to make women uncomfortable, disgusted and to cause them to leave the conversation.

Carl is obviously comfortable with this being an all male (or mostly so) elist about philosophy.  A subject he and a lot of folks see as a mostly male bastion.

He WANTS you to leave!  PLease, stay and don't validate his attempts to shut you up.

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