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July 2, 2012

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Boardgames! Thats why I am signing up, but got carried away by the ETC (see below!)

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Single, 0 kids, scientist The electron transport chain is a series of protein molecules in the mitochondrial membrane that transfer electrons from an electron rich species (NADH) inside mitochondria to oxygen (breathe!) generating a highly unstable 'oxygen-ion'. The oxygen species decays to water by accepting protons from inside the mitochondria, but not before tossing a bunch of H+ outside the mitochondria. Thus, 'running the ETC' generates a H+ gradient across the mitochondrial membrane. H+ outside are trying to get in (2nd law), but the only way in is to sneak through the membrane spanning duct-fan like protein ATPase. As H+ 'flow' in, it turns the 'fan' in the ATPase, thereby running one of the smallest motors known. What does the motor do? It makes an energy-rich molecule called ATP (the currency of energy in cells) that can be safely stored/burnt up/transported. Who made this exquisite machinery? Evolution baby! I study it for a living. I guess I am also a bit of a geek.


I'm a fairly laid back chap, hanging around Dallas for my 5th year now! I like the outdoors and backpacking - the most fun backpacking trips I've done are the rim-to-rim Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon and Mt. Whitney in the snow!

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