Happy 8 week birthday little ones...

From: Cheri C.
Sent on: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 2:12 PM

Today is the 8 week birthday for Mama Daisy's puppies! They got to go on a very special outing to visit Auntie Cheri! 

Clockwise:  Betty, Phil, General, Bob and Judy

My Daisy, a former mill mama herself, wanted NOTHING to do with the puppies, and in fact ran across the yard when one came towards her.  She has decided that she had enough puppies and doesn't need any more.

Phil begs Dusty to play with him.

Dusty wasn't sure what to do with them.  He wanted to play with them, but wasn't sure just how exactly to do that.

Trent, very suspicious of the puppies intentions....

Trent was intimidated when they all ran at him at once, so he ended up keeping his distance.  But he sure kept an eye one them....

Georgie with Betty, Bob and General

But Georgie...Georgie was ready.  He took on all the pups and played with each one.  They should be good and tired now!

Look at that smooth puppy belly!

They kept watch over the perimeter of the yard for us...

Betty, Bob and General

And I think they even caught an intruding leaf!

They played up to the camera for some adorable pix!


(Sam! Doesn't Betty look like Ally May when she first came into rescue???)


And they even "mugged" for the camera, too!

Judy and Phil

Without further ado....Happy 8 week birthday to the most precious little pups that were ever smuggled out of a puppy mill by their brave Mama Daisy! (Who is still looking for her very own home now that the babies are just about ready to move on to their new homes...)

Bob, such a handsome smooth blk and tan boy...acting a little shy at first, but warms up quickly.

Pretty girl Judy aka Koko.  Long (don't know how long exactly) hair choc/tan beauty.  Not shy at all!

Phil, aka Stretch (b/c he sure can make that doxie body even longer than it already is), the sweet faced light red dapple.  Although his dappled spots have faded, you can still see them on his smooth little belly.

Noisy little Betty...she looks like Ally May, and with that longish fuzzy hair looks a lot like a certain Casanova I know....(Trent!)

And finally, the baby of them all....beautiful little General Henry.  He can hear!  And he can see!  At times Tascha has worried b/c he hears her, but has a hard time finding her when she's only a few feet away.  He may have a bit of a vision problem, but nothing that can't be worked with. 

We can't decide if his eyes are going to be blue, or turn a lovely shade of greenish/hazel.  They're looking kind of greenish.  He is a handsome little fella....and the lover of the bunch (in my opinion).

They are all such beautiful little puppies.  I think I know SOMEONE who is going to miss them....

Thank you Tascha for taking in the pregnant Mama that needed a home. A safe place to have her babies--where no one would hurt them or hurt her.  Where no one would take her babies before they were ready to leave the nest (And I think Mama Daisy is ready!  She's getting that tired look about her.)  A place where she would get good food, a warm bed, and lots of love.

I happen to think you are pretty wonderful for opening your home to mama and babies, knowing what a commitment it is....Thank you!

Have a great day!

~Cheri (with the help of: Bob, Judy, Phil, Betty and General Henry)










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