Do you want to form a study group? We are going to meet soon! EXCITED?

From: David C.
Sent on: Wednesday, July 9, 2008 9:02 AM
Hello Kabbalah in Dallas Meetup Group,

I am excited about meeting you all soon. We will hold a free introductory class on our next New Moon (head of the month) connection, which may be at the beginning of August. You will have a chance to meet with other Kabbalah students in the area, some of whom have been studying and living Kabbalah for years.
I will notify you all promptly so you can pencil the event into your calendar.
More reasons to get excited at this time of the year is that Rosh Hashanna (The Hebrew New Year) the approaching and it will be held by the Kabbalah Centre in Dallas this year. Yes, this exciting to us, Kabbalah students, and for all those who would be ready to participate or volunteer in the most 2 powerful days for the soul. We are also going to start a couple of other large projects for the community. So, the excitement is accelerating, and you are invited to take part.

At the same, we know our spiritual work begins with oneself.
Have you read a book yet? Power of Kabbalah 1? Becoming Like god? others?
Did you learn something from Kabbalah website or from other sources?
Have you taken the Living Kabbalah System already?
Did you participate in any of the events we had held here in our area?
Have you talked to student support or a techer from the Kabbalah Centre?

Please reply to me and let me know where you are on your spiritual path. Tell me what's your desire or goals by connecting to Kabbalah? I'm not a teacher, but I would help and share from my experience.
I'd love to hear from you. Help me make this meetup more active.
Feel free to post your opinion about the article below by Rav Yehuda Berg or just about anything. Kabbalah is such an immense wisdom encompassing every are of life, so you must have a opinion about something. Feel free to post it and share with the group. It's all about sharing, so please BE PART.

Yours with Love & Light,

David Cohavi

the following is taken from Yehuda's Daily Tune up avialable t
You haven't changed one bit
June 22 - 28, 2008

Is there someone in your life you are really trying to help? You know exactly what they need to do, they may even be open to listening to you, and yet after countless hours of explaining and pleading with them, they?re still not changing?

Or at least not as fast as you?d like them to?

How frustrating is that?

The Rav says the only way to help someone change is to ?give them breathing space and listen to them.?

We are not here to teach people the truth. We are here to turn enough Light bulbs on in their heads so they can see their own truth.

When the Rav says ?listen to them?, he is telling us to erase ourselves and to be one with people. We are all messengers for one another, and there is a reason why we see the solution to a person?s problem. We have been chosen to be there. But it?s not our solution. We are just an instrument for delivery.

People need to internalize things in their own time. Just because we ?get it? doesn?t mean they are going to get it. Giving people breathing space has been one of the secrets of my parents? success. That?s why we say, ?there is no coercion in spirituality.? Everyone has their own process, and it?s not up to us to impose our timetable on their change.

The best way to transmit our message is with patience, compassion, understanding, love and old-fashioned listening skills.

Most of us are weak active listeners. Usually when someone is talking, we are already planning our comeback. And how many times do we start our response with, ?Yeah, but? - which only negates everything they just told us.

Without feeling where a person is at - and asking the Light to help us communicate from our heart (not our head) - we will only push them further down the hole.

This is a great lesson for all of us this week. We want to remember that we can?t crack people open just by telling them the cold, hard truth. Instead, we want to feel what the person is going through, and ask the Creator to help us to be a pure channel through which our message can flow.

When we strive for this, the words won?t matter. It?s the heart that matters the most.
All the best,


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