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I am going to preface this with.? If you read the boards - you can probably ignore this as it is a duplicate. ?I am just getting it out for those like myself who are too lazy to read the boards and may be interested in a game. ?

?Days of Future Past - BRP

In the year 2012, earth experienced a massive world wide electro-magnetic storm, within minutes almost every electrical device on the planet was destroyed and millions laid dead from exposure to radiation. That was only the begining of the end though, two days after the magnetic storm a series of earthquakes and volcanic activity stunned the populace killing millions, and the resulting tsunamis destroyed almost all costal cities further bringing about the apocalypse.

Within a period of three days the death toll had reached the billions, and by the end of the month the total dead was over 75% of the human populace. The northern hemisphere was hit harder than most, as the cataclysm had hit in december, dead of the winter and with out adequate machinery people did not know how to survive properly. On top of that many of those that did survive were driven mad, the psyche of modern man is not meant to withstand such horrors.

By the mid 2013 small communities were forming. Some were bent on surviving at all costs, the trappings of morality set aside as they tried to take survival by force from each others. Others communities were extremely religious in nature, the cataclysm bringing out the fanatics, and the superstitious. Finally there were the pragmatics, they were not as rutheless or viscious as the others, nor were they so single minded as the religious groups.

You are part of one of these communities based here in the midwest, it is a small mobile community of twenty or so members. One of your members is a mechanic, and with his knowledge of vehicles and parts your members have been able to scavenge you have two working greyhound busses. Gas is of course in short supply as none of the gas pumps work, but your group has made do.

I have decided that I will most likely run this on either friday evenings or sunday evenings opposite romans game.

To give people a better idea of what I had in mind, I had originally planned a futuristic setting almost 300 years in the future from the cataclysm. But after talking it out with a couple of people, and giving it some thought what I want to do is instead have the players write the history of the world with me. So each story arc will be a period of time where the people (ie players) that are invovled will have a strong influence in a pivotal point of the history of this world. I want to get the players the feeling that this is their world. As a small added bonus this will allow for some of the story arcs to be played by different players, maybe allow some of the people that can not normally make a game a chance to get in on a 'campaign'.

The feel for each story arc will be vastly different as the world changes in both technology and pervasive atmosphere. The first setting is one of a very desolate destroyed world, a dark haunting look at humanity on the brink. The world has just ended, and it is an exploration of how the characters deal with this. How the characters react will have a strong influence on the next story arc.

I do not expect combat and die rolling to be dominant especially in this story arc, but I am going to leave that at least partially in the hands of the players. Your hands will not be tied there will be no "wrong" actions, and there will hopefully be moral dilemas that your character will have to deal with that will make this an interesting story.


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