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How to play D&D, a checklist to use during the game

Stuart H.
Maple Park, IL
Post #: 435
So you are playing D&D or another RPG and your character died because of the stupid DM (DM's are always stupid for killing your character just because you ran 50 feet in a totally unknown underground passageway).
What can you do to prevent dying next time?

For the low cost of $9.99 plus profit and handling, I will send you a complete checklist of EVERYTHING in easy step by step format that will be guaranteed to stop you from dying EVER AGAIN!

No more TPK's!

Let's start: (this is an example using old school D&D terms, just for fun)

We enter the dungeon

Action: Move forward 5 feet.
Checklist 1:
Make sure torch is lit
Make sure bullseye lantern is lit
Make sure magical light source is active (to conunteract any magical darkness)
Thief checks for traps
Elf and dwarf search for secret doors
Fighter, cleric and wizard watch for wandering monsters
Check ceiling for monsters
Check floor for monsters
Disbelieve in everything
Listen carefully for any sounds
Tap floor in front, behind, and to both sides with 11 foot pole, because all traps are 10 foot in size.
Add to map so we won't get lost
Toss bag of dirt into next 5 foot square to check for friction
Check for temperature, direction, humidity level and elevation changes.
Scratch chalk mark on wall in case magic changes the direction you are moving in.
Check if bird cage canary is still alive.
Let pet dog on leash move forward into next 5 foot square in case you missed anything.
Move forward another 5 feet.

Action: Come to door.
Checklist 2:
Thief checks for traps
Examine hinges
Is it really a door?
Can it fall on us?
Is door locked?
Check for traps in lock
Pick lock
Put ear to door and listen
Also perform Checklist 1, just in case.
Will door open?
Use strength to pull / push door open
Slam door shut if anything is waiting for us in the room
Fighter holds door shut
Cleric pounds spikes to hold door closed
If not, enter room, next checklist.

Enter a room with junk in it:
Checklist 3:
First perform Checklist 1.
Then Search the room
Cast Detect Magic on every item to see if it's magical.
Cast Identify on every magic item before you touch it.
Check each item found to see if you can sell it.
Add up encumbrance values to see if you can carry everything still
If not, hide some copper pieces for later retrieval.

Please let me know if I missed anything, thanks!

Co-Authors List: Shawn
user 63365582
Dekalb, IL
Post #: 3
you forgot to light a torch. the door is covered in green slime you died
Stuart H.
Maple Park, IL
Post #: 436
Ok, I agree on adding torches, but the green slime only got the dog.
What time is it?
Time to buy a new dog.
user 3519446
Group Organizer
Dekalb, IL
Post #: 908
Where are the steps: "Fight Monster" or "Run Away from Monster"?

Did I miss something?
user 63365582
Dekalb, IL
Post #: 4
I believe we slammed the door on the monster
Stuart H.
Maple Park, IL
Post #: 437
The reason I left out fight or run away from monster is because that always seemed to be the easiest step to me.

The hard part of playing D&D for me always seemed to be avoiding traps, death traps, deadly puzzles, stupid mistakes and being surprised. For example, I was reading a Judges Guild module from 1979 and there were 5 puzzles / traps setup to kill you with only a simple dice roll (about 20% chance) to survive. In this case the best way to avoid death seemed to be avoidance of the room / puzzle. LOL

If we added a monster checklist, what should be on it?
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