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So you want to Host an Event and/or become and Event Organizer

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Here is the starting place for hosting an event or deciding if you are the right person to be an event organizer.

Jon, Carl, and I all want to see a healthy and active meetup group, and the way that happens is by having lots of well run events where the hosts, GMs, and players all had lots of fun.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering if you want to become an event organizer...
1. Do you plan to host events more than a few times a year (once a quarter or more)?
2. Are you available to respond often if a player or potential player contacts you?
3. Do you like meeting lots of new people?
4. Do you plan to keep posting your game long term/even after you find the new player(s) you are looking for?

If your answer to question 1 was "Maybe" or "I don't know" being an event organizer probably isn't the right option just yet.
--You can "suggest a meetup" and then once 3 people rsvp yes for that meetup it will be automatically moved to the calendar, this option seems to work well to generate interest in games, and especially if you have a few weeks until your event. This way you can control all the details of the game and not have to work through middle men like Jon, Carl, and I.
--The second option is to send all the details to the three of us and we can set up the meetup for you. In this case, let us know the date, time, location, game details, flavor text, and other logistical information that will help you find the right people for your game. (This can include things like what the players should bring such as books, pencils, dice, snacks, etc and what if anything players shouldn't bring. You should also tell us what kind of player would fit well, mature versus kids/teens, experienced players versus newbies, role play heavy versus combat/dice rolling heavy, serious verus beer and pretals, etc.)
**setting player expectations is the best way to find the right players and have a good time**

Question 2 asks if you are available and respond frequently to contact by other meetup members. This is important, and especially important if something about the game changes or a meetup session gets canceled. If your schedule is all over the place and you aren't sure if you can be reliable about contacting people or responding to their requests, organizing events propbably isn't a good fit for your life right now. You might reach out to some of the other organizers to see if one of them would be willing to host with you participating. If you are going to be an event organizer you are commiting yourself to respond to emails in a timely manner and to update the site with any changes ASAP.

Question 3 asks if you like meeting new people. This is a must in the world, but you should also consider if you are comfortable posting your address to the public if you host an event in your home. Sometimes people who show up at your door didn't rsvp, or get the time wrong, who knows. I've met a ton of great game players and I love being an organizer for our group, but sometimes the games feel like they have a revolving door and that isn't okay with everyone.

Question 4 asks if you are planning to post games long term or just until you find players to fill some open slot(s). If you know that this is a short term possibly player-seeking post, we prefer not to make those GMs/hosts event organizers because then they fall off the radar after a few months. The Denver RPG meetup is a great place to find new players, but you don't need to be an event organizer to do so. Try suggesting a meetup or posting to the message board, or even have Jon Carl or I post a few meetups for you, but if you think this is a short term deal, please try other avenues before asking to be an event organizer.

Thank you and happy gaming!
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