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Game of the Week: What should we do?

Hi, First I would like to say that Wednesday's turnouts are great. We've been consistently getting around 6 - 7 players weekly. For those of you who have shown up thanks for making the night very fun. This will be a tricky poll because there are a bunch of games that people want to play that are on the table and plenty of players that want to play them. I do not want to lose anyone so I'm just going to figure out what people want to do. GofW = Game of the Week Jon

Feb 12, 2009 7 so far

How long can you typically commit to a gaming session?

Dec 21, 2006 13 so far

Outdoor Games/"Sports"/Social Events?

Would people be interested in attending events that are outside the scope of RPGs in order to meet other gamers in a less gamer way? Possibly, events including an adult friend or Significant Other that are more social in nature? (Where 1=not interested/WTF were you thinking?!?! 10=I am there/interested in helping to plan/will bring something to help out). Please email Wendy-Game Geek Queen through this website if you are interested in helping to plan something.

Mar 30, 2008 23 so far

Thanksgiving game day: What did you like about the thanksgiving game day?

I'll put up a second poll about what you didn't like and ask for more specific feedback on the "general" message board. I would have gotten a sense of it for myself but i was out sick. ~Wendy

Nov 27, 2011 3 so far

Thanksgiving game day: What didn't you like about the thanksgiving game day?

This is the second of two polls about what you did not like about the thanksgiving all day game event. If you did not attend the event for a specific reason please respond as to why on the general message board entitled "thanksgiving all day gaming! feedback" ~Wendy

Nov 27, 2011 3 so far

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