May 14 Minutes and Request for Email Addys to Setup Private Message Board

From: Patty
Sent on: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 9:00 PM
Hi everyone,

Whew! What a dynamite group and what a meeting last night! We covered so much ground. My internet problems were resolved late this afternoon, so I'm happy to be able to get these minutes to you in a timely fashion. Please correct me if I've committed you to the wrong task, or if you have changed your mind, so I can change things right away.


Patty -

In the past has done?Write In? vote for Ron Paul
Last campaign - Ed Clark in the 70's
Volunteered for "Empowerment Project" who produced
?Coverup Behind? the Iran Contra Affair? and ?Panama Deception?
Publishing & Website Design experience

Chris -

Works as freelance/contract writer
Woke up to things after watching a 911 video
Learning about The Conspiracy
Found out about Ron Paul via Alex Jones

Liz -

No campaign exper
Believes this is an investment for the next generation

Lynn ?

Republican family
Longtime Democrat
Learned about Ron Paul on Radio

Lynne ?

Administrative Assistant
Learned about Ron Paul on MySpace
Freedom to Fascism
Active on the web

Tim ?

Libertarian, Constitutionalist
Ready to start the Ron Paul Campaign

Nathan -

Heard Ron Paul speak in 1988


Will plan and run meetings and events. This includes updating the Denver Meetup Calendar and Announcements.

Organizer - Patty

Assistant Organizers - Lynne, Chris --you will have access to the Meetup maintenance and also credit on the site as co-organizers. I'll have to figure it out.

Will keep all receipts, up-to-date books, file quarterly sales tax and other such filings to meet the requirements of the Secretary of State of Colorado, the IRS and FEC.

Campaign Treasurer ? Patty

Patty Activities to date:
Filed nonprofit Corporation as "Denver Metro Committee for Ron Paul".
Obtained Sales Tax ID.
Obtained Checking account and Merchant account for Credit/Debit card processing at events.

Deputy Treasurer - (2nd set of eyes on books) - "Liz"

Will take the meetings minutes.

Secretary - Tim

Volunteer expense and refund allocations?We all agreed on keeping direct campaign contributions (cash contributions) from volunteers in a separate category from reimbursable expenses spent on promotional items. i.e. If you wish to give a cash contribution to Ron Paul?s (RP) campaign, I would go so far as to say that volunteers should send them directly to the RP campaign headquarters. Alternately, smaller specific promotional items that you might be asked to bring (i.e. Cookies for a bake sale), keep the receipts and you will be reimbursed by our Denver Meetup Group.

If any volunteer(s) offer to loan a larger sum of cash to help finance a special event (until we raise enough funds to have a ready balance.)receipts will be issued and money will be reimbursed evenly across the total group of lenders by percentage of profits. i.e. If an event raises enough money to reimburse 75% of total profits, and 5 people loaned 5 varying amounts of money, then each lender will get 75% of their money returned at that time; with the Denver Committee still owing the remaining 25%.


Date: Saturday, Sunday June 2nd/3rd
Friday June 1st: Load-In (setup day) We have to get in & out in 30 minutes, sometime between 2:00pm-5:30pm
Volunteer Hours: NEED COMMITMENTS by May 25th

? Voter Registration Drive (Patty got certified as an agent today!) We need volunteers to take a brief, 30 minute training, so that they can sign people up too.
? Sale of RP memorabilia?Buttons, Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Hats (maybe).
? Free Informational Handouts?Flyers
? Area where we have a TV or Laptop playing a loop of RP?s latest/greatest stuff.
? Sale of RP book(s) & DVD?s (so far only a Mises Institute book on RP--let me know if there are others.)
? Live taping of fairgoers and fans?Chris had some great content ideas, we?ll have to flesh this out some more!


Will be a canopy with an open front, with enclosed sides and back that will accommodate a horse-shoe configuration of tables.
Chris/Liz: Has Side Tables
Lynne: Has folding tables to create one long table across the back.
Tim: Folding Chairs

Details on Activities

Lynne has printer connections for T-shirts, cards, bumper stickers and banners
Business Card Handout: Lynne will get costs from printer (Couple Different Designs)
Lynne also had a good idea regarding the T-shirts that we can customize them to commemorate Denver Ron Paul supporters.
NEED DECISION on BUS CARDS by Thursday 05/17

Liz mentioned the importance of free literature to handout to tell the many who don?t know a thing about Ron Paul, who he is.

Chris will compile a looping video of all the great things about Ron Paul in the public domain. He also brought up the idea of doing some kind of interesting video project with the fairgoers that we could upload to YouTube. Tim jumped in and says he might know some videographers. Patty would like to edit.

Sponsorships? Where to get them? It would be great to get some cross-marketing going on. We can offer them advertising on our banners.

What are you wanting to invest towards the costs of resaleable items?


Need any other ideas for things to sell at Peoples Fair
To Do: Peoples Fair needs photos of items we're selling
Chris idea: "Vote for RON" tee shirt (aka Vote for Pedro)

**Finally--The Private Message Board**

I?m going to start a yahoo group by invitation only, so that we have a private online place to plan. To join, please email me at [address removed], so that I can get your email address to invite you. I will not spam or give your email address out to anyone else.

Thank you all ever-so much,


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