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Thanks,  I will also forward this to my homeschool group and other RP supporters.

When I first started home schooling I remember Governor Romer stated, "All children deserve a public school education."
I remember thinking, "What did my child do that was so horrible that he deserved a public school education?"

After Romer was governor to Colorado, he became the superintendent of Los Angles School District.
Talk about one of the worst school systems in the country.

Romer also wanted to make it a law that children at the age of 3 must be registered and going to school.
The age was and still is 7.  We fought hard to keep that just like that.

This bill does effect the education of our children and parental rights.



Dear Friends,
There is a bill coming to the floor in the CO State Senate which is quite onerous to families. This bill, SB130, creates the office of early childhood and youth development in the department of human services (DHS). The purpose of the state plan is to provide a statewide, unified approach to providing early childhood services and operating early childhood programs with the goal of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and quality in delivering early childhood services. (from the bill)
The language in the bill covers children birth through age 8 and their families, but in committee it was suggested that the P in P-20 represents pre-natal.
The four system sectors covered by the bill include early learning, child health, child mental health, and family support and parent education. Research confirms that these areas are interrelated and that is difficult, if not impossible, to separate children's learning needs from their health and wellness or from the involvement and support of their families. (from the bill)
The bill goes on and explains how pregnant mothers may not be able to properly care for themselves, etc. so the state steps in via home nurse visits. There is much more included in the 55 pages of this bill. I believe this bill is detrimental to parental rights and an invasion of a family's privacy. The very thought that DHS would be in charge of the office of early childhood and youth development is disturbing to say the least. It is quite obvious that the choice of DHS is a move toward further intimidation of families.
SB 130 has passed two committees in the senate and is scheduled for second reading on Tuesday, March 6th. (The senate may not get to SB 130 that day but it is on the calendar.) Second reading is where the entire senate acts as a committee and can amend, approve, or kill the bill. I am asking for calls to your state senator to vote "no" on SB 130. Beginning at 9 a.m. or before on March 6th and continuing until noon. Several senators have commented that they have not heard from parents so it is time to speak up. It is important to let the state senate know that parents do not appreciate this move towards more nanny government over their babies, young children, and themselves.
When you call your senator please call as a concerned parent. Be sure to let others know about this and encourage them to call. Please email as well. I have provided a list below. If you click on the name or district number it provides their contact info. You will be joining other activist groups from around the state opposing this bill. -Treon


Name District District Name
Aguilar, Irene 32 01 Brophy, Greg
Bacon, Bob 14 02 Grantham, Kevin
Boyd, Betty 21 03 Giron, Angela
Brophy, Greg 1 04 Scheffel, Mark
Cadman, Bill 10 05 Schwartz, Gail
Carroll, Morgan 29 06 Roberts, Ellen S.
Foster, Joyce 35 07 King, Steve
Giron, Angela 3 08 White, Jean
Grantham, Kevin 2 09 Lambert, Kent D.
Guzman, Lucia 34 10 Cadman, Bill
Harvey, Ted 30 11 Morse, John P.
Heath, Rollie 18 12 King, Keith
Hodge, Mary 25 13 Renfroe, Scott W.
Hudak, Evie 19 14 Bacon, Bob
Jahn, Cheri 20 15 Lundberg, Kevin
Johnston, Michael 33 16 Nicholson, Jeanne
King, Keith 12 17 Shaffer, Brandon C.
King, Steve 7 18 Heath, Rollie
Lambert, Kent D. 9 19 Hudak, Evie
Lundberg, Kevin 15 20 Jahn, Cheri
Mitchell, Shawn 23 21 Boyd, Betty
Morse, John P. 11 22 Neville, Tim
Neville, Tim 22 23 Mitchell, Shawn
Newell, Linda 26 24 Tochtrop, Lois
Nicholson, Jeanne 16 25 Hodge, Mary
Renfroe, Scott W. 13 26 Newell, Linda
Roberts, Ellen S. 6 27 Spence, Nancy
Scheffel, Mark 4 28 Williams, Suzanne
Schwartz, Gail 5 29 Carroll, Morgan
Shaffer, Brandon C. 17 30 Harvey, Ted
Spence, Nancy 27 31 Steadman, Pat
Steadman, Pat 31 32 Aguilar, Irene
Tochtrop, Lois 24 33 Johnston, Michael
White, Jean 8 34 Guzman, Lucia
Williams, Suzanne 28 35 Foster, Joyce

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