Eric and Mary Maes and F.


Denver, CO

Member since:

November 4, 2012

Are you willing to learn how to get prepared?

yes, We're always willing to learn and teach...

Are you willing to promote a positive image of Preppers?

yes, We beleive we are a few that are willing to do what is necessary to survive a crisis or epidemic. Many others think we're nuts and overreacting to nothing, but We see it as they are blind and deaf of what is going on around us daily. We must stay positive in order to be successfull in the end. That is what preparing is all about....

Are you willing to help organize regular scheduled meetups?

I'm retired at a very young age and have some time to help out if it is toward a cause that is in our interest. I guess the more we meet with others like us the better the trust and we can create a common bond of knowledge, skills and asssets.

Preppers believe that "everyone" should get prepared. Are you willing to be inclusive of others no mater their race, religion, gender, etnicity etc...?

You bet, any person or family or animal that are part of a preparedness group deserves all respect from us and should from others because of our common interest. The Marines instilled in me the discipline an the brotherhood of other Marines. I hold that true with my family as well.

Tell us what got you interested in preparing and what you would like to see happen with this group.

After the 2001 September 11th attacks, that woke us up and it was then that I began to realize that some things that I experienced while deployed and other situations king of woke me up. Some things you see on television and the news are not all that real. Media make alot of stories larger than they are and some stuff is not revealed at all. when you see things for yourself and realize what else is said, then you know that someone higher up is just planning something more and then becomes a big mess of how and why. You know the old saying "curiosity killed the cat" Well Ive been there and seen it. I'd like to see how others are preparing, why they are and what plans they have.


Hello. My family and I are preparing for anything. My Military background, Outdoor, survival & Shooting skills,self reliance, and preparing for the worste I guess makes us a good asset for other Preppers. Many think we're nuts, but we'll see 1 day.

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