Jessica B.


Longmont, CO
Hometown: Longmont

Member since:

June 11, 2013

Are you willing to learn how to get prepared?

I'm always wanting to learn how to be prepared. Every day I learn something new and change things to my preps.

Are you willing to promote a positive image of Preppers?

YES! We are looked at as being paranoid and crazy. But everyone is a prepper. From having an evacuation plan if you have a house fire to nuclear war. EVERYONE is a prepper.

Are you willing to help organize regular scheduled meetups?

I can do what a can. I'm the only one working in my family and so that makes my time limited. But I'll do what I can.

Preppers believe that "everyone" should get prepared. Are you willing to be inclusive of others no mater their race, religion, gender, etnicity etc...?


Tell us what got you interested in preparing and what you would like to see happen with this group.

I started to get interested when it was made clear that my husband couldn't get a job when it has never been a problem before. And also I have a love of watching documentaries and it's true when they say ignorance is bliss. The things that I've watched has raised questions that give me much concern. Economic collapse, pandemic, natural disasters, etc. All of these are what I prep for. With one I'm sure the others will follow. What lit the match under me to get started was when gun control, my second amendment right, was and still is being threatened. And most people are sheep and will allow this instead of fight back. When we the people lose the battle I will not stand beside the cattle.


I've only been a prepper for a few months. A storm is coming and I want to survive it.

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