Detroit Rock City History Tour

  • Needs a date

  • Needs a location

  • Detroit's impact on rock music history can't be stated enough. I'm thinking that this can be something like a bus or virtual tour of the city's rock music landmarks, i.e.: Motown Museum, Grande Ballroom, St. Andrews Hall, etc.

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  • James Z.

    Regarding the suggestion that we get on a bus and drive from one famous rock and roll building to another: I'd rather stay in one place, talk among ourselves and drink something with alcohol. I'm serious. Staying at St. Andrews Hall seems like a good idea.

    1 · December 9

    • Linda

      I'm with you James!

      December 26

  • Deborah R.

    rock on

    December 26

  • David

    Definately interested...

    November 4

    • Tamara

      Sounds like so much fun!

      1 · November 5

    • David

      rock and roll and history, my two favorite interests combined together!!!

      1 · November 5

  • Tamara

    Rock, and Roll is a blast from the past!

    September 28

  • Tamara

    Hi, I grew up listening to rock, and roll. My favorite was playing Aero Smith . How many people remember Uriah Heap? Man, that was so, so long ago. Played my favorites on a record player. lol

    August 27

  • Laura

    Weekend events would be great I work night shifts mon- fri 3 pm - 11 pm my schedule sucks. Always will have + 1 my hubby

    1 · May 19

  • Dawn S.

    When and where? I am eternal rocker!!

    May 12

  • Paula G.

    Plus one please

    May 9

  • crazyladyterri

    Sounds like a blast, weeknight or weekend, just let me know! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

    April 27

  • Starlit S.

    Looking forward to the event

    April 19

  • Sharon T.

    Looking forward to it!

    February 11, 2014

  • Amy D.

    Detroit has so much music history and great venues. just depends on the date.

    February 10, 2014

  • Monique B.

    Depends on date but definitely a fabulous idea! LOVE the D's music and its legendary influence and impact...

    February 6, 2014

  • Debbie M.

    Hopefully when the date is set I can still attend

    February 4, 2014

  • Brian M.

    sounds like an awesome event. United Sound Systems recently provided a tour of their facility and it was epic. please let me know how I can help you get it off the ground.

    1 · January 24, 2014

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  • Kris +1
  • Jill +1
  • Susie +1
  • Big O +1
  • Ruth L.

    Hi! I am a teacher and I love history.

  • Joe D.

    I'm a business owner that has lived in Qatar, Chicago, Detroit, and currently I live in Royal Oak.

  • Anna +2

    History and culture fascinate me...

  • John +1
  • James Z.

    retired printer

  • Bailey Sisoy I. +1

    Bailey Sisoy Isgro is the owner of Detroit history tours and welldoneladies­.Com. She also works... more

  • BOB +1

    Always interested in good times, meeting people, and even better if it involves helping others.... more

  • Wendy +1
  • Tanya I. +1

    I've lived in Detroit (East English Village) since 2000. I'm always interested in learning more... more

  • Elissa Z.

    I'm a new grad student at WSU, just moved to Detroit and looking for new friends in the area.

  • Donna +1

    Heard some great things about this group and wanted to join.

  • Amber S.

    I love history, Detroit and especially beer!

  • Dawn M. +1


  • Tim
  • Emily D.

    I'm looking for social ways to get to know michigan better

  • Kari

    Hi, I'm Kari. I look forward to meeting new people and learning.

  • Kaitlyn +1
  • Karen

    Hi my name is Karen

  • Alicia L. +1

    MSI Candidate studying Archives and Records Management, BA in History and Museum Studies, born... more

  • Shelley L. +1

    Want to get out and Celebrate Detroit Alittle more.

  • Cris N. +1

    Hi, I'm Cris

  • Tamara +1

    Hi! I never realized I was into history, until I was in Chicago, and took the boat tour. Very cool!

  • Amy S. +1
  • kati +1

    History is so much more fun with a good drink in hand

  • Laura

    History buff, Detroit enthusiast, social drinker.

  • Patti +1
  • Marie +1

    Love the idea of history and drink. :)

  • Laura R.

    Hello! I am a music teacher in Troy. I love creating and listening to music, the city of Detroit... more

  • nena

    Finding a meet up group who calls themselves "Detroit Drunken Society", who wouldn't want to join?

  • Dana

    Hi there. I can't wait to join up with you because I revel in history.... more

  • mike l. +1

    History and beer! All that is needed now are coneys and Better Made potato chips. ... more

  • Caitlin C.

    Moved to Ann Arbor not too long ago. Looking to find people to hang out with, and... more

  • Carole

    HI - My name is Carole. I'm an 'oldie but a goodie' & interested in meeting like-minded people.

  • Debbie M.

    I'm from Dearborn, a town that loves history and adult beverages. I've been doing a lot of... more

  • Guillaume T.

    I live in Windsor and I'm passionate about the history of Detroit. I teach history at the... more

  • Alexis +1
  • Deborah R. +1

    love Greenfield Village. Enjoying life and friends.

  • Thorold F.

    I am originally from Oregon and lived in Michigan for 17 years. Drinking, or not,... more

  • nadia c.

    what can i say, i love detroit. mostly, i have experienced the place and the people in the... more

  • Nora

    Interested in meeting new people and in new adventures.

  • Kim +1


  • Steve

    Hi there. Sounds like an awesome group.

  • Susie +1

    Recently moved to Detroit from California to do our part in aiding the city's recovery......­ more

  • Ann M. +2

    I am a native Michigander, originally from Alpena, who works as a librarian at Detroit Public... more

  • NateS

    Hi I'm Nate

  • Immorefunn­aked +1

    I love drinking, I love history, and I love hanging out with happy drunks

  • sisi +2

    I like to drink and like to listen to history

  • Paula G. +1

    CA expat living in Detroit!!!

  • Angelic +1

    I'm an urban explorer of the D. I find as many hidden treasures, as it has to offer, learn it's... more

  • Jen
  • Cathy

    I like people, beverages, and history... So this meetup group is perfect!

  • Heather +1
  • louis +1
  • Tim

    Hello, My name is Tim. Looking to make new friends. I am passionate about shooting billiards.... more

  • Victoria

    Love exploring in Detroit and meeting people who want to experience what it has to offer.

  • Scott +1
  • crazyladyt­erri

    Born and raised in Detroit, rural loving now, still love The D! Excited to meet new friends and... more

  • Doug +1
  • Rebecca

    I'm Rebecca, and my friend Jennifer told me I should join this group, so here I am :)

  • Debbie

    Hi there......My name is Debbie and this group was suggested to me by some friends, looks very... more

  • mary s.

    What could be better than learning history and having fun at the same time? I love people who... more

  • Andrea O. +1

    Detroit's history is so rich and I love the city. I am looking forward to my first meeting!

  • Carolyn K.

    Hi. I'm Carolyn. Hoping to meet new friends who share the same interest. I was just sharing with... more

  • Larry A. +1

    Lover of Drink and a Good Story...

  • Sheri

    hi, looking to join in on some of the fun activities you do listed on the web!

  • Amy N.

    Former Historical Presenter for Greenfield Village - love local history. Looking for like-minds.

  • Vanessa +2

    Hi I'm a city girl. So happy to find a group interested in the history (preservation)­ of Detroit.

  • Ellen T +2

    Have always loved my field trips to Detroit. Am interested in spending more time there and... more

  • Amy +1


  • Christine

    Amazed and delighted that a group like this exists!

  • Emily C.

    My family just moved to the area. I am a bit of a history dork and will spend... more

  • Sandy B. +1

    Born in the "D" and drunk in the "D" too many times to remember

  • Eric

    Hey You!

  • Starlit S.

    My name is Starlit Smith and I reside in Detroit

  • deb

    Canadian girl, live in the burbs but work downtown Detroit Love... more

  • Rebecca S.

    Cardiovascular­ RN at HUH. Women's health advocate. Feminist. Hoarder of books. Novice traveler.... more

  • Brian K +1

    Down with Detroit history, and drinking!

  • Michelle M. +2

    Looking for all Detroit has to offer and meet amazing people!

  • Alison +1
  • Terri


  • Will

    Sounds like a really fun group with a great spin on history. Learn a little , drink a little... more

  • Jamee +1
  • Clarissa

    Hi, My name is Clarissa!

  • Erin A. +1
  • Susan H. +1

    Hello! Found this site through an article about kayaking. I love the... more

  • Sharon T.

    I enjoy culture and socializing with different groups. I have a connection to Detroit and its... more

  • Mark W.

    I like history and like to drink, not necessarily in that order. Thanks Mark

  • Linda

    Hi I'm Linda and very interested in the History of Detroit. I'm single and looking to meet like... more

  • Scott J

    History and drinks, how about that.

  • Liz +1

    I am from northern Michigan, but am a fan of Detroit too.

  • Frank A. +1

    Born and raised in Detroit (Six Mile & Mound) and attended Wayne State University. I continue to... more

  • Cindy L. +1

    I'm Cindy L. I've heard so many fun comments about this group, and that your... more

  • Debbie M.

    Hi I'm Debbie and I'm interested in all things Detroit

  • Mike +1
  • Suzi

    Hi I am Suzi, I heard about this group at a different meetup last night! Sounds interesting and... more

  • Mary K. +1

    A nerdy librarian who is a fan of history, all things Detroit and Michigan.

  • Alex G.

    I'm a festival, I'm a parade.

  • Meaghan K.

    Hi! I'm Meg!

  • LaVette

    Hi! I'm very interested in the history of Detroit and Michigan and I would love to meet and... more

  • diane m. +1

    looking for some Detroit fun, especially of the outdoor variety..... bike ridin', kayakin',... more

  • Bill +1

    Interested in industrial archeology and offbeat local history. Heard stories from... more

  • Gabe G.
  • Jeff +2

    I've always wondered why Detroit couldn't live up to its full potential. It was a fantastic city... more

  • Laura +1
  • Kim +1
  • Neely B. +1

    I just recently retired from the military and am looking to make new friends and get out more.

  • Jim
  • Rod +1

    I am a photographer and city planning consultant with a strong interest in the City of Detroit... more

  • Linda

    Reading about your programs is very intriguing. What better way to learn about the... more

  • Rhonda

    I am all about a good time. History and a few drinks could certainly be considered a good time...

  • wendy +1
  • Alma C. +1

    I'm just a gal who likes to go halfsies on a bottle of wine and have deep conversations about... more

  • Jenn +1

    I've heard good things about this group. I'm looking forward to joining the fun!

  • karl +2
  • Greg

    Beer and history... I'm in

  • dannette c.

    Love history, love Detroit, combing the two even better...

  • Joy +2
  • Jeff B. +1
  • Terry W +1

    Empty nester with wife. Love lectures.

  • Amanda

    History doctoral student. Interested in US labor and gender history primarily

  • Linda

    I've lived in southeast Michigan all my life but I'm looking for new activities and people. I'm... more

  • Mark D. +1

    History of all things matters, but context is king!

  • Jenny

    "Hi, I'm Jenny."

  • Tami +1

    Possibly a story or two not found in the history books, I'm in!

  • Debra S. +1

    I work at the Henry Ford and I love history. lighthouses, city architecture and it movers and... more

  • Amy N. +1

    I'm a single mom in Plymouth. I love history, adore architecture and, of course, a good drink... more

  • Todd

    Hi. I'm Todd and interested in Detroit history

  • Joan

    Hello! Always looking for a new experience and this group seems to offer exactly that.

  • Patty +1

    Hi!sounds like my kind of group! I'm looking forward to coming to a meeting and seeing what this... more

  • Nina

    New York ex-pat

  • diane +1

    This sounds like a great group. Diane

  • Deb E.

    Like sports, concerts and everything Detroit. Looking forward to Detroit history and drinks!

  • Roger +2

    Hi, Love history...and like exploring it first-hand....­ more

  • Jackie

    Hi, I'm Jackie. Lately I've been finding myself more interested in learning about the History of... more

  • Brad W. +1

    Hello everyone, love history, a good drink & good conversation. Would like to meet similar... more

  • Dave

    Looks like a fun group!

  • Mary

    I enjoy history.......­especially the history of Detroit and Mt Clemens.

  • Jerome +1
  • Kevin


  • LewIs

    Hi. Call me Lew, I'll see you there! :)

  • Lorelei

    I'm a Detroit girl, born & raised. Love learning about my beloved... more

  • Chris B.

    HI, I'm Chris. I'm a native Detroiter and history enthusiast. I have... more

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