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From: Ayda
Sent on: Thursday, December 29, 2011 11:36 AM

Hi Everyone, 

   I have spent the last 2 years going through brain popping trainings and It has been just an amazing journey. I took advantage of the medical challenges and used it to catch up on new skills. It is now time to share and connect. 

   We have a great group of members who focus on different areas. I am looking for some help in organizing some of the events and/or organizers who are willing to setup a meetup even if it is at a local startbucks for get together, networking and discussions.

   I have worked with a small group of members where we came together and did a course together that was a few thousand dollars. That experience was definitely very educational. There are so many NEW things that are happening as the technology is advancing faster and we have better and faster tools to do our creative art with digital media. 

   We had a lot of fun on our last After Effects training and I wanted to offer to have that again if people can bring their laptops and/or share laptops with others. My challenge has been finding a location and a convenient time for members to be attend. If  you know of a location that can be utilized, please let me know. 

   A few of us attended the great classes offered by the Guitar Center and Apple. It was great to see how  you can utilize IPAD to record instruments and how to leverage some great plug ins that are out there. 

   I don't want to make this email too long but I am looking for active members who would like to participate in networking and opportunities that are available to all of us. Digital Media is a huge market and it is getting bigger and bigger. 

   I also want to take advantage of the time we are spending and make sure it is worth everyone's time and effort to be there. There are many in our group who have equipment sitting on shelves and not being utilized, skills that can be shared via video/elearning or webinars.

  We have a webinar software we can also utilize. if you would like to demonstrate your skills via webinar and have it recorded so you can post it on your website etc, let me know.  

    I will share more about Product Launch by Jeff Walker and VideoBoss by Andy Jenkins and Experts Academy by Brandon Bouchard and many others that I can share.There are great ways to leverage your skills in today's market - it is finding the opportunity and having the right team to support. 

  I am looking forward to a great 2012! 

** If you would like to schedule a networking event, even at local starbucks - please let me know.

** If you would like to be an assistant organizer...

** If you would like to sponsor our group and put your ads on the page... 

** If you would like to offer a Webinar and demonstrate a skill...

** I will be posting up a forum for "business opportunities" for anyone needing extra cameraman, voice overs etc.. we have a lot of talent so please use it. We will grow better and faster if we can leverage each other. Let's help make it a great year for all of us.







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