SEO Marketing utilizing VIDEO Marketing

From: Ayda
Sent on: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 3:17 PM
Hi Everyone,
I have been studying and focusing on Web based business marketing after I spent a great amount of money on trying to market my own training and coaching business.
I have worked with 3 different SEO coaches - they all had great input and materials. Since then my jv training partners are busy trying to drum up business in this economy for themselves.
I recently got introduced to Mike's program ( ceo of Traffic Geyser) who is offering a program that teaches individuals on how to work with main street businesses and provide them with SEO coaching and sites that focus on high rankings utilizing video, podcasts, articles etc.
a Few things I learned - the hard way - is that SEO is not as easy as some people make it to be - Top rankings are tricky to achieve and then work to keep up with. There are many elements that come into play to help you rank well.
I joined this program - which is NOT cheap - and does require work and effort ( AND VIDEO CREATION!) !It is a business in a box that you follow and help clients. It focuses on VIDEO UTILIZATION which is why I am sending this to this group.

We have a great team of individuals who can definitely pull together and joint venture in a web VIDEO CREATION service business.
Lets face it - A PROFESSIONAL LOOKING WEB VIDEO does take creativity and a TEAM
And you might be a person who is trying to run a business - like I am, But marketing,which is KEY to success can take a lot of your time and money! And doing videos can be time consuming.

I am looking for people who would like to create a mastermind group and discuss how these skills can be used. We can focus on different markets or same products in different cities/towns/counties.
I just joined the program so I am just in the process of exploring it.I have 30 days to evaluate. I was looking to purchase traffic Geyser for my video marketing anyhow so this is something that includes it.
Here is a link to some videos if you are interested.
Intro Videos:
The First Video, called Main Street Marketing Machines is here:

The Second Video called, The Biz Box System is here:

And the Third Bonus Video, called Fireman Mike is here:

What we get:

I would like to know if there are any interested parties who would like to learn about this process and join forces to try it on different target markets to see how well they work. :) I would love to test this out with a group of people and see how well it really does work.

If you don't want to join forces or would like to purchase it on your own, I would appreciate it if you use my affiliate link. 33963

I will post a meeting for anyone who is interested in finding out what this program is and how we can join forces to utilize it to generate money for all of us and at the same time help local businesses.!


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