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The Day of the Doctor, the Lion and Rose and Groupons

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Perhaps insomnia and 3:00 AM postings do not lead to the wisest of communications on my part, and I try not to send out too many messages and clog up your email, but here goes anyway.
There have been a considerable number of postings about the Groupon the Lion and Rose put out and using it at our November 23rd Meetup.  One of our members - completely innocently and only to be helpful - kindly posted the link to the 40% off Groupon the Lion and Rose issued and I'd like to thank them for that.  I bought one myself.  I will not, however, be using it for our Day of the Doctor Viewing Party.
Thanks also to the member(s) who expressed concern for our costs for this show, but the whole point is that the Lion and Rose is letting us use their site for free. Gratis. They're not charging us one penny for as long as we're there. When the Rialto, despite their best efforts, found that they couldn't find a way to get the 50th Anniversary episode in the theater on the 23rd so that we could view it together, live with the rest of the world, we were forced to to try to find another host or give up the possibility of watching it together in one place.  (When I called the Lion and Rose- my fourth and final attempt to secure a location- and they welcomed us in, my fangirl shriek of joy nearly caused the death of a nearby elderly woman in line with me at Costco.)  The $300 deposit they asked us to put up is completely refundable as long as 100 people show up. It's simply a security deposit to make sure they don't go to the trouble of setting up for us and then we don't show.
The L&R isn't specifying a per person expenditure. They're not charging a cover fee.  They're relying on us being there and eating and drinking and tipping the wait staff like typical customers in order to generate revenue for the day. I know that quite a few of our members are students and that our economy hasn't been kind to many people lately. If you need to use the Groupon in order to be there and eat that day, be my guest. (It's not good for alcoholic beverages, btw.)  I want us all together and happy to be that way to celebrate the Doctor.  I only felt it would be bad form for the L&R to turn away other business in favor of us, then we all pay with half-price Groupons, effectively making this generous offer of a free meeting place unprofitable for them.
If the L&R hadn't given us the use of their space, we would have been unable to meet as a group and see this once-in-a-lifetime event live together for free.  Yes, there is a theater showing on Monday, the 25th, but that is far from free.  DW Fans Unite doesn't charge a membership fee to be in our group. We rely completely on voluntary donations to cover all of our expenses- purchasing videos to show that aren't already in our personal collections, making buttons, buying jelly babies, getting prizes for contests, etc.  Although we are looking into the possibility of making t-shirts and other items to sell to generate funds, none of us make a penny off of this.  Frequently, our costs exceed donations, but we do it whenever possible anyway, because we love Doctor Who.
I've been fortunate to be a member of many fandoms in my life, and I've always maintained that, in my experience, DW fans are consistently among the best.  Love of the Doctor is a special, gentle form of madness, marked by some of the kindest and most accepting people I've ever had the honor to know.  I am daily stunned and humbled by your enthusiasm, your creativity and your generosity.  You people, quite simply, are amazing.  The TARDIS we've been fortunate enough to use at conventions is privately owned and was the result of many, many long hours of labor and many, many dollars out of the owners' pocket.  The scarf we raffled off at ACCC was knit by another member who donated her time and talents to the project.  These are simply two of the more recent examples of all the amazing things I've been privileged to be a part of as a result of this group.
I'd simply like to leave the Lion and Rose with a favorable impression of us so that they will welcome us back in the future if we want to have Viewing Parties or Trivia Contests or just plain opportunities to mingle and get to know each other better.  Again, there is no judgement or condemnation involved.  If you choose to use the Groupon, please do so.  I'm simply trying to make people aware of the details of this Meetup and this situation.
Thank you, for your time and your consideration, for participating in our Meetups and mostly for allowing me to enjoy your company.
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