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Soothing Stmts Chicago 083113 Kathy

Transcribed by Kathy.

a .docx file 14K Radiant R. Sep 21, 2013

Soothing Stmts Boca Raton 030713 Raven

a .docx file 88K Radiant R. Sep 21, 2013

Soothing Stmts Chicago 083113 Raven

a .docx file 104K Radiant R. Sep 21, 2013

Soothing Stmts San Francisco 072713 Raven

a .docx file 98K Radiant R. Sep 21, 2013

Soothing Stmts Stamford 060113 Kathy

This was transcribed by Kathy Compton! ;-) Thank you!!!

a .docx file 13K Radiant R. Sep 21, 2013

Your assumption to be effective cannot be a single isolated act

a quote from our friend NEVILLE, by the request of a couple of us at Tutta Bella this last Monday

a .docx file 13K A former member Nov 6, 2012

Printable Grid Template & Examples

I have been enjoying and playing with the new process of the Grid that Abraham has been talking about. I created a template for using this process for myself and a few examples. Pick a topic, and add emotional, feeling words to the grid. Enjoy!

Adobe Acrobat file 41K Radiant R. Mar 16, 2012

Hiring Heavens Worksheet

Longer (4 page) hiring the heavens worksheet and guide. Courtesy of Reba and Miles!

Adobe Acrobat file 264K Radiant R. Aug 10, 2011


Short form worksheet for "Hiring the Heavens" and setting up your vortex committees! Courtesy of Rita and Miles

Word file 28K Radiant R. Aug 10, 2011

Abraham Resources

This is a list of Abraham Resources that we have compiled if you are interested in getting more of their material. Please let me know if you have anything else to add to the list.

Word file 42K Radiant R. Dec 13, 2010


Retro causality Article that discusses people studying after the test was taken and getting better results than those who did not study after they took the test.

Adobe Acrobat file 404K Radiant R. Nov 15, 2010

MLOA evening #1 Study guide - inspired processes

MLOA Study Group New Inspired Games/Processes Ideas – Section 1 (pages 3-30) - Ideas for practical processes to do while reading this section of the book - apply your new knowing

Adobe Acrobat file 51K Radiant R. Oct 19, 2010

MLOA evening #1 Study guide - Cliff notes selected quotes

Money & The Law Of Attraction (aka MLOA) Playful Book Study Group - Cliff Notes Version Selected Quotes – Section 1 (pages 3-30)

Adobe Acrobat file 71K Radiant R. Oct 19, 2010

Emotional Guidance Scale by India

A Beautiful Emotional Guidance Scale that was created by India Redman <AKA Cloud Horse on> She was kind enough to give us permission to use it. Beautiful!

Adobe Acrobat file 113K Radiant R. Sep 16, 2010


This is a group of quotes that Jay and I selected from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction"! There are a lot of really good feeling statements in there to start you off on a much improved new story about money! Enjoy!

Adobe Acrobat file 35K Radiant R. Sep 15, 2010

The Emotional Guidance Scale - handout

This is the list of emotions from the book "Ask and It Is Given". We refer to it a lot in our Meetups.

Adobe Acrobat file 24K Radiant R. Sep 10, 2010


This is from the "Money and the Law of Attraction" book regarding the Morning and Evening Meditation Routine.

Adobe Acrobat file 32K Radiant R. Sep 10, 2010

My New Story Template

This is a handout about creating a NEW STORY and comes from three of the Abraham-Hicks card decks. I really enjoyed them and thought I would share.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.0M Radiant R. Sep 10, 2010

Abraham A Twelve Point Synopsis

This is from Abraham-Hicks website and it is a 12 Point Synopsis of the basis of their teachings. If you want to get a quick idea of what they are about, here it is.

Adobe Acrobat file 70K Radiant R. Sep 10, 2010

Focus Wheel Flowchart Template

Focus Wheel Template - Some folks were having trouble viewing the microsoft doc, so I turned this into a pdf so that you can just print them out and write on them. Have fun doing Focus Wheels.

Adobe Acrobat file 257K Radiant R. Sep 10, 2010

Wealth Focus Wheel - Sample

This is the focus wheel paraphrased from Boston 10/10/09 workshop, from the tracks 'Can she focus on wealth focus wheels?'

Adobe Acrobat file 32K Radiant R. Aug 26, 2010

Focus Wheel Flowchart Template

A template for doing a Focus Wheel that I had fun making! I thought I would share it!

a .docx file 125K Radiant R. Aug 7, 2010

Table-top Sign - Rebecca

Adobe Acrobat file 161K Radiant R. Jun 23, 2010

Caribbean Cruise Quotes - 2010 with Abraham

Various delicious quotes from the Caribbean Abe cruise 2010 - transcribed from the audio recording

Adobe Acrobat file 149K Radiant R. Apr 6, 2010

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