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sue p.
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 9
The "lead blanket" in this article was, I thought, a good description of "sleep paralysis" and caused me to read more. I learned a couple of things from it, so here it is.

I dreamed last night about the business where we meet, not the building but the business housed
there. The dream was that something of importance is happening with the business, no indication if
it's good or bad, but something very much of note and affecting of a lot of people. Scott, I have no idea what that means, but I would have much rather visited the board room and seen what's on the table.

Greg, what's up with you? Your dreams and OBEs always inspire me to try harder. Anything
this week?
Greg G.
user 10245360
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 4
Hey Sue, I love that link you posted! I have to try some of those little tips the next time I fall into sleep paralysis. Other than the two dreams I posted some time ago about my lucid dream and OBE, nothing else of the like has occurred that I can recall. I have had some other really interesting developments though for the last few nights. This has been really, really interesting for me. A few nights ago I dreamed that I was driving all around New Orleans looking for a place that I was supposed to be at, but I couldn't remember how to get to this "special place." The next night, I had a dream that started with me driving all around New Orleans again, but this time I finally found where I needed to be. I parked in a large parking garage and met with two older men wearing suits trying to sell me a crystal or pendulum for $200. It looked like a smoky quartz crystal but in a sort of diamond shape. I told the guys that the most I could offer them for this crystal was about $70-80. We parted ways and the dream ended. This was pretty interesting because the second night seemed like a continuation of the first dream.

I also had another set of dreams that were on back-to-back nights of the same nature that I found even more interesting. On the first night, I found myself moving into a new house that was an apartment, but the conditions were not so conducive to sanitary or healthy living. My room in particular was very cramped and cluttered with objects that weren't mine, so I hesitated to move anything in fear of pests or rodents running out. I got to take a brief tour of the house with an unknown roommate. On my next night of sleep, I dreamed that I was wandering around the woods near I-55 going north a bit past Amite. I delved in and out of the heavily wooded area and somehow found a house. I walked right in, and felt a strange recognition of the interior layout of the house (although I've never been to this house in waking reality). I continued further into the house until the dream ended. Upon awakening from this dream, I realized that it was the same house that I had just moved into in the dream that took place the night before!

Both of these sets of dreams challenged the beliefs I held that there was no sense of permanency or continuity to the worlds that I visit in my dreams. There is obviously a deeper structure of reality hiding within these worlds. Alternate realities really do abound and flourish if we are willing to look for them and believe in them.

This morning I felt my body become awake about a second or two before my spirit entered my body, so it seems that the dreams I recalled having before awaking were taking place out of body. When my spirit entered, it felt like a heavy and powerful energy being dropped into my body. We probably all have out of body experiences all the time without ever realizing it. I think building up strong dream recall is the key to opening yourself to recalling more unique and vivid experiences.
Jeff T.
Group Organizer
New Orleans, LA
Post #: 36

My theory is that dreams are always happening inside of us, and that certain states of relaxation or sleep allow our attention to focus on them.

From the web: http://gemstone-dicti...­ - Smoky Quartz crystal helps to calm behavior others would categorize as headstrong or willful. It gently balances and brings harmony into your life and is the perfect gemstone to help calm the thinking mind that tends to interfere with meditation. The stone grounds your energies, but gently, never forcing you to change or to let go of something, but guiding you to do what is best for you and in the way that is best for you personally. I think this is a function you are seeing develop inside yourself, and you are worth the cost.

The other dream, maybe since a house can represent your body, might mean that you are concerned you're not eating or feeling as healthy as you should be. Cluttered with objects that aren't yours might refer to beliefs you have to clean up by re-examining and letting go of.

The continuity factor of dreams, I think is a great discovery for you.

Just some ideas I had about your dreams. Hope they are helpful to you.

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