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Recap of September Meetup

Jeff T.
Group Organizer
New Orleans, LA
We had a nice sized group of dreamers at our recent September meetup in Metairie last Weds nite.

We had Nedim, Artemis, Monica, Greg, Peggy, Richard, Angelique and myself at the Gestalt Institute on

Metairie Road this time. During introductions, people shared about their dreams. Greg said he had a dream in which he was learning to juggle three objects, and after waking, found he had an increased ability to actually learn it faster than before. Peggy said she has dreams about dark beings, but faces them with a certain kind of awareness during her dreams. Richard said he has dreams like daydreams when he falls asleep sometimes while out at places during the day. Another person discussed how she had worked as a prison guard and could only sleep for about an hour and a half at a time, waking up in a sweat of nightmares, yet she calmed down and went back to sleep into her dreams to deal with and overcome the scary stuff.

I spoke about a dream experiment in which I did a technique where you count yourself into sleep "one - I'm dreaming - two - I'm dreaming - three" etc, but instead of waking up in a dream, I hadn't fallen asleep yet because when my count got to "eight - I'm dreaming" bright light came on suddenly like the room light was switched on but instead it was full morning light. I felt like only 8 seconds had passed and I hadn't gone to sleep at all, but actually 6 hours had passed and it was morning all of a sudden with no break in consciousness for me. I also related a dream I had where I was chasing somebody, then I looked back and realized I was also being chased. A moment later I realized I was both the chaser and the chased one. Afterwards, I interpreted this to mean that I was trying to have a lucid dream (chasing after my unconscious) but also (as my unconscious side) I was resisting being examined by a stranger (my conscious self).

We shared other dream experiences, and then we watched an instructional video about lucid dreaming.

We agreed to make sure we keep a dream journal of at least our noteworthy dreams, and to continue reading

"The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda. Takes a couple of minutes to load, but if you want to skip buying the book, you can read it online here - http://www.esnips.com...­.

We will also check out the exquisite website - http://Lucidology.com...­ and begin learning those lucid dreaming techniques if we can.

We decided to hold a coffeeshop hangout in two weeks at the Barnes and Noble bookstore coffeeshop, on Veterans Hwy in Metairie to visit and have conversation. All are welcome. This will be at 7 pm on Tuesday, September 29th and you can drop by and wander off whenever you like.

Thanks to everyone who attended and looking forward to our next meetup, Tuesday, October 13th.

Many of the Masters have said that the only way to progress past a certain point in the Great Work is to come together dynamically through a community. We have to make ourselves go outside our own personal ego-selves in order to gain the "Second Perspective". That is why meeting together under this common interest is so important. Because we can't often find the right people in the general public to have this kind of extended discussion with. The value of our discussion group is directly proportional to the amount of us that participate. Each of us carries a piece of the wholeness of these Goals we are seeking.

You can always get in touch with me through the "Contact Organizer" link on our Meetup Main page. This message will be posted on our "Message Board" section of our Meetup site.

See you in our dreams,
Jeff Teachworth 504-931-9022
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