ruby-debug19 "step over" seems broken

From: Loqi
Sent on: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 9:28 PM
Hey all,

I just installed the "ruby-debug19" gem and had a hell of a time 
getting it to work. After quite a bit of finagling, it seems to be 
loading now. Whew!

For some reason, the "step over" ("n" for next) command is ignoring 
any "debugger" calls within the code it's stepping over. That is, if 
I'm in a debugging session, and the execution pointer is at a call to 
my_method, and my_method is coded with a "debugger" line somewhere in 
it, issuing a "next" command to the debugger is supposed to execute 
my_method until it hits "debugger" and then break, but it doesn't. 
Instead it gives the same behavior as if that debugger line weren't 
there. In the same situation, issuing a "continue" command breaks 
execution at "debugger" as expected. Also, setting a breakpoint at 
the "debugger" line, successfully breaks execution of a "next" 
debugger command.

What gives?

I really really like to use hard-coded debugger lines tucked into my 
code and have them function as breakpoints as I step through my code. 
If anyone knows how to get "next" to stop ignoring them in 
ruby-debug19, I'd love to hear how.


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