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Message from Matthew - Nov.6

Here is the latest from Matthew. He talks about the needed-to-be-address­ed issues of today's ascension and ET/Craft sightings. Enjoy!

rich text file 20K A former member Nov 25, 2010

Technical Overview of UFOs

This is an awesome technical overview of Spacecraft (they call UFOs). It has a TON of info in it! I thought I would share the insight with everyone. Enjoy! Juju

rich text file 99K A former member Nov 21, 2010

Elizabeth Klarer from Meton

This is a facinating interview of 'contactee' Elizabeth Klarer. Her home planet was called Meton from the Alpha Centauri star system. Enjoy!

rich text file 29K A former member Sep 8, 2010

The Dulce Interview

Thanks to Anthonly Sanchez, our new member, we have these great excerps from his upcoming book "UFO Highway." This interview is with "Colonel X" regarding the most infamous underground, secret military facility - DULCE! (Reader beware of content)

rich text file 14K A former member Aug 28, 2010

Lacerta File1

This file is actually two interviews between a Human named Ole K. and a Reptilian who lives underground, named Lacerta. I posted the drawing of Lacerta to our Photos! Donald Ware presented this interview at the UFO Congress, NV just this year. Juju

rich text file 127K A former member Aug 15, 2010

Message from Matthew - Aug.13

This is a channel from Matthew who lives in Nirvana (heaven). His mother, Suzanne Ward, receives these remarkable messages and has written many awesome, informative books! I wanted to share these with you, because they are postivie and uplifting!!

rich text file 23K A former member Aug 14, 2010

Hathors Channel 8-3-2010

This is exciting to have my main channeled Beings both send me their subscribed sessions!! Tom Kenyon is amazing and his wife channels the Hathors. It is VITAL that you feel the vibration of the information for yourself before believing!!

rich text file 34K A former member Aug 10, 2010

Kryon Channel 6-15-2010

Here is a transcribed session with KRYON, through David Brown on 6-15-2010. Kryon talks about many things we are all talking about right now, love and the energies of 2012! This is a very powerful session, you will feel your vibration raise!

rich text file 18K A former member Aug 10, 2010

talk_UFO Skywatch conference_May 09

Here is the 'script' for the powerpoint talk/presentation I gave in Sedona AZ last year. It's a basic intro to the material we're sharing and what my husband was involved with. Let me know if you have any questions.

Word file 83K Jo Ann R. Aug 9, 2010

Table-top Sign - Jujuolui Kuita

Adobe Acrobat file 160K A former member Aug 6, 2010

Group Cards - Jujuolui Kuita

Adobe Acrobat file 239K A former member Jul 31, 2010

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