A Pain Patients' Bill of Rights

This is from the Winter 2009 issue of "Pain Pathways"

"pain patients' bill of rights

All patients have a right to:

  • proper, respectful, informed and nondiscriminatory pain management and care.

  • choose and access health care providers who can provide proper, respectful, informed and nondiscriminatory pain management and care.

  • have their pain managed with collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts.

  • have their questions and concerns about pain and pain treatments addressed.

  • ask for and receive a referral to a pain management specialist.

  • receive accurate and understandable information about their pain, their health, their diagnosis, their prognosis, their treatment, their health care providers and the facilities in which they receive treatment.

  • receive knowledge and information about all pain treatment options available to them before giving informed consent.

  • participate in their pain teatment decisions. If patients cannot fully participate in their pain treatment decisions, patients have the right to be represented by conservators including family members and/or guardians.

  • make informed decisions about their pain treatment.

  • speak confidentially with their health care providers about their pain conditions and concerns; however, the privacy of this information can be compromised in certain situations such as a workers' compensation claim.

  • have their pain and the conditions that cause their pain, examined regularly and their treatments adjusted for continued or improved pain management.

  • read and make copies of their health information, pain history and relevant records.

  • ask their health care provider to amend or correct any information (both pain-related and not) in their health records with the understanding that a health care provider cannot change an original report.

  • refuse suggested methods of pain treatment.

  • have their pain-related medical bills and costs explained to them.

  • complain about or appeal issues related to their pain treatment, health plans, health care personnel and health care facilities.

  • objective and timely internal and external reviews of any complaint or appeal related to their pain treatment, health plans, health care providers and health care facilities.

To learn more, please visit www.nationalpainfoundation.org."

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