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Evolution of Edmonton Walking

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My observation is that internet groups, particularly ones that are free, can generated very different group-psychology.  

Our little meetup has the potential to become a great community. There are some excellent individuals who belong to this group.  For example, we have a person who is a world leader in e-learning, another who is deeply involved in the arts, dedicated moms, retired military and so on.  

To date, I have run this group with the philosophy of the self-organized walk.  In other words, people saying... 'I am going for a walk, who is coming'?  This relieves the burden on the few to organize everything. 

Alas, there have been fewer walks to date than I would have hoped.  So, to the group, by way of a message board discussion, I would like to hear your thoughts and comments why and how to build on our little community of walkers?

What are your thoughts on how to make the meetup group better?  Thoughts?
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This is just my 2¢, but...
I went to one of the Thursday eve walks last month. That one event alone was quite the rush for me to get to, but I did make it. Then the next week I had a foot injury, the next week it wasn't feeling back to normal yet and so on. I did have a good time, though. It was fun to get out, get moving and meet and be with other people (and a dog!).
Evenings, for me, are usually a rush. I have to pick the hubby up from work. Or wait for him to ride his bike home. Then there's supper to get on the table and kids to get in bed at a decent time.
Weekends are usually packed with something, although now it's finally starting to slow down. Days usually work best for me when my oldest is in school and I'm home, or close to home. There doesn't seem to be any interest for getting together for a walk during the day, possibly with other moms or dads that have little ones at home during the day. I don't even know if there's any parents with young children in the group. Not that this is really an excuse. I just find that, for an example, if I'm going to walk, it's usually just when I feel like it and up and off I go. If put on the calendar as a set date, and no one shows, a person might as well just go off on their own whenever works for them, rather than a set time, day and location. This might mean, for some, that there's a schedule to keep, set time to be somewhere and set location to get to not necessarily right out their front door. It's just kind of a pain and *I* feel that if I end up being on my own walking (which I really don't mind) I might as well make it right out my front door rather than packing kids or things up to drive somewhere.
So maybe that is my excuse, or an attempted excuse.

I think some ideas might be to offer various locations, times and days. All around the city to make it easy for everyone. Not everyone lives in Castle Downs or Millwoods. Not everyone is available on say Monday at 6pm.
I've been an ass't organizer for other groups, and I know that it's not too hard to add events to the calendar. Maybe putting up a bunch of ideas for meetups on the calendar - different days, times, areas of the city - might bring more out as it offers more of a variety. I know I can't make any of the Sunday walks. They're just too far and we have small children, which just makes it impossible.

There's so many places to walk. I believe there's trails up on the north side in Castle Downs by the YMCA. Around a little lake there's biking and walking trails. There's a ton of locations to start in the river valley - spread out from the far east side near Goldbar all the way down to the west end. Many new developments seem to have some form of lake or similar, usually with quiet residential streets, very little traffic and areas to walk. I dunno... Maybe just some ideas? I'd like to see more varieties and events on the calendar with some options that might work for more people.
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You have some great points, Kathryn.

I was hoping that a few people would like to take over some of these walks and schedule them according to a place and time that would be suitable for whomever was organizing the walk (It certainly does not have to be every Thursday at 6 or what have you - it was just to be scheduled once a week and a pole was done to see which days would be easier for the group as a whole). This was something that was organized in the past and I followed suite location wise - and also it is convenient for me as I live not too far away.

However this said, I am really looking forward to seeing some other ideas and new places as well!
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