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D&D Sunday Morning Quiz: Artifacts

Posted: 17 Jan[masked]:05 PM CST

DNDSMQ January 18, 2009 : D&D Sunday Morning Quiz - Artifacts

Artifacts make life? interesting. here?s a quiz to help polish your artifact lore.)

All the answers to this quiz can be found in the Dungeon Master?s Guide

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A character?s access to (and retention of) artifacts is entirely up to ____________.
the artifact itself
the fickle whims of fate
the size of the bribe being offered
the DM

Artifacts function a lot like ____________.

Whatever their nature, all artifacts share one behavioral trait. What is it?
They move on.
They secretly hate you.
They openly hate you.
They demand subservience.

Artifacts are ____________ and they have their own motivations.

Which if the following is NOT a famous artifact?
The Eye of Vecna
The Hand of Vecna
The Pinky Toe of Vecna
Wait. Is this a trick question?!

True or False: An artifact can?t be created or destroyed by any of the normal means available for other magic items.
I don?t know

Pfft. If I disbelieve an artifact, it will vanish. Right?

What can a PC do to make the Axe of Dwarvish Lords happy?
Gain a level.
Be a dwarf.
Slay a giant.
All of the above.

What can a PC do to make the Eye of Vecna angry?
Gain a level.
Possess the ability to cast arcane spells.
Kill an undead creature.
Use anti-evil eyedrops to get the red out.

The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd has all of the following goals, EXCEPT:
to find Arnd and make him put a coat on, for gods? sake!!
to overthrow tyrants.
to prove itself against ever greater threats and challenges.
to attach itself to a hero who will be remembered in legend.

Fill in the blank: When its wielder performs actions in concert with its goals, an artifact becomes ____________, but when the wielder acts against the artifact?s wishes, its power ____________.
less powerful, increases
more powerful, increases
more powerful, diminishes
lazier, increases

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