This exercise is meant to bring up self-reflection

From: Rheana J.
Sent on: Saturday, February 2, 2013 12:21 PM


This is done in a light-hearted, self-reflective way.  It's in the questioning and thinking about things that we evolve.


Imagine you had one friend, no matter what you ever told them you knew you would never be judged.  Everything you ever could say about your experience was completely accepted and discussed with interest, curiosity, and deeper inquiry into the nature of your unique desire for self expression.

Try this out:

One of the best quotes I ever heard is "budgets reflect choices."  Imagine for a moment, What if everyone's budget was completely transparent to the world.

If you knew this, what would you not want others to see, what choices would you not want reflected? what way can you "come to terms" or integrate those choices in a way that feels honoring of yourself? There's a spiritual perspective of self awareness that allows integration.  The deep contemplation and embodiment of this evolves ones being.

Once integration occurs, the negativity of emotions such as shame, embarrassment, or self protection drop away; leaving you feeling free, weightless, and at peace.  All aspects of the human experience are accepted by the Divine, it's possible for you too.



(The basis of the Contemplative Psychology program at Naropa that I graduated from, taught one to integrate all aspects within oneself, then you would not push away, deny, or reject aspects in others).



(this type of integration work is what I help client's embody in my Practice. If you want to delve deeper in a therapeutic environment of acceptance and uplifting appreciation for body-mind work, call me).

Another fun thought, on the end is.....Who's budget would you want to see? .................And Why?

(Deep Thoughts...)

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