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This website, like the sciences that drive it, evolves. Here is a clarification of what we are about. Thank you for your interest.
Dear Spiritual Beings,

Polarity therapy is the West's answer to the systems of health and understanding that gradually developed in India over thousands of years. Originally this teaching was part of the ancient Hindu tradition of southern India. Over time, and with the centuries long development of Buddhism, this tradition has reached it's highest point of development within the Tantric traditions of Tibet.


Polarity Therapy is a synthesis of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Hermetic philosophy and modern Physics.


Thanks to Dr. Randolph Stone, this therapy has been translated and reinvented from its Sanskrit origins into Western language and thought patterns. Polarity Therapy is utilized by doctors and medical professionals around the world as either their primary tools of healing, or their "go-to" when nothing else works. Either way, they agree that the methods employed by polarity therapists produce healing results in the most astounding ways. I invite you all to join us in these Meetups to learn about and practice Polarity Therapy.


My background is in Ayurvedic medicine. I wish I had been aware of Dr. Stone's work when I was at school in Jamnagar as it would have made my studies a little bit more comprehensible to my "western" mind. Now that I have discovered his work, I find it helps me a lot in "educating" my clients and patients, in helping them to find the healing within and to participate with the therapist in the healing process. Dr. Stone's work has also helped me understand and improve my understanding of some aspects of what Dr. Lad enlightened me on decades ago, sitting in class with my head shaved and I wore a bright orange robe.


What we do at our Meetups; Sometimes it depends on who shows up, but in general we get right down to healing practices. For example, someone might have a sore back; we will then (depending on which healers are present at the time) proceed to practice a healing art on and with the individual (either one-on-one or as a group). It varies from time to time.

I like to introduce theory with practice and therefore we do a lot of practicing at out Meetups, but we bring the theory and the methods to the forefront so everyone can learn and benefit from our secessions.


Thank you, and welcome to our Meetups.


The Ananda Health Center’s focus is the practice and teaching of Polarity Therapy with the aid of Tantric and Ayurvedic Sciences. We work with individuals, couples and organizations seeking wholeness and union with the spiritual, physical and cosmic realms.

Our group is a Polarity Therapy, Tantric Health and Ayurvedic Sciences family. We are Tantric Prayer, Meditation and Chant group offering an opportunity to experience peace, relaxation and spiritual growth with a group of like minded souls melded in relationship.

Our organizers work with savants and charismatics with a global perspective and a universal grasp of the human condition and her striving to find our place in the universe. Our meetups are peppered with exercises and disciplines garnered from the great tradition. I spent a total of six years studying in India at the feet of various masters, and discovered the healing powers of the hands, and mastered one simple meditation technique that I have shared with students for over twenty years.

We will bring in guest Gurus and teachers with regularity. Don't miss this opportunity.

Welcome to our group. We hope you receive many many blessing and that you in turn give your many many blessing to your world.

Sincerely your servant,


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