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Some Background on Pedophilia

Some Background on Pedophilia

a .docx file 13K A former member Jun 19, 2012

Death Penalty

Information about the death penalty in .docx format.

a .docx file 20K Richard M. Dec 9, 2011

Reasoning Beneath Reason

Reasoning Beneath Reason - the deeper, non-rational, pre-rational archtypeal stuff that REALLY runs people.

Word file 24K Richard M. Mar 28, 2012

The Maddow Blog

Word file 26K Richard M. Jul 7, 2013

2-Questions about The Bell Curve

Question to consider, I need some answers.

Word file 28K Richard M. Nov 23, 2012

Responses To The Subject of Pedophilia

Typical Human Responses To Discussions of Taboo Subjects

Word file 28K Richard M. Jun 22, 2012

2012-03-25 Ethics Of Death

Insights from The Ethics Of Death.

Word file 30K Richard M. Mar 26, 2012

2012 03 11 March The Grand Inqusitor

Insights from the discussion of The Grand Inquisitor

Word file 30K Richard M. Mar 11, 2012

1. Postmodernism

Word file 31K Richard M. Jan 6, 2012

2. Proofs From the Science of Theology

Word file 32K Richard M. Feb 7, 2014

Issues To Discuss

A list of issues I'd like see RESEARCHED and discussed, intelligently.

Word file 33K Richard M. Apr 11, 2011

Meaning Of life Quiz Part I Revised Meaning Quiz

Word file 37K Richard M. Dec 21, 2011

Conclusions and Insights

Insights from this discussion.

Word file 37K Richard M. Dec 23, 2012

Death Penalty

Information on the death penalty IN MS DOC FORMAT (not the latest, so does not need a download to read.)

Word file 38K Richard M. Dec 9, 2011

Stand Your Ground Conclusions

MY conclusions from the discussion./

Word file 44K Richard M. Aug 25, 2013

Mill, J.S. Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism from John Stuart Mill

Word file 50K Richard M. May 5, 2011

1- New Year Party 2013 Saturday 5th

Directions to my house to mix and mingle with LIKE-minded and NOT like-minded people.

Word file 64K Richard M. Dec 10, 2012

Emotivism Basics byREM

Word file 85K Richard M. Sep 9, 2011


Book that changed PARTICIPANT'S LIVES, and I thank them for that.

Word file 90K Richard M. Aug 20, 2012

2-Observations from Augustine Discussion

Word file 93K Richard M. Oct 4, 2013

Discussion Topic

Questions To Consider For Our Discussion

Word file 98K Richard M. Dec 22, 2012

1-Bombing Syria or Not

Should we bomb Syria to keep it from killing people?

Word file 102K Richard M. Sep 13, 2013

2-Dehumanize PART 2 QUIZ

A short Quiz to help you discover what you are. Racist, nationalist, anti-Semite, homophobe, none of them very politically correct in Portland.

Word file 114K Richard M. Sep 8, 2012

Meaning Of Life Quiz Part II, Explanation

Word file 121K Richard M. Dec 21, 2011

A2-Academics by Source detailed 2nd 4 s Illustrations

Four more ethical schools arranged by two PLACES THEY LOOK FOR MORALS. Read it and weep all ye who come hither. Beware the paraclete of Kaborka, for the road is narrow and winding that leads to narrow and winding understandings and stuff....

Word file 146K Richard M. Feb 22, 2011

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