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1-SAINTS Teresa & Gandhi

The Private Lives Of Saints

Word file 149K Richard Mohley Aug 13, 2011

Emotivism by Wikipedia

Word file 158K Richard Mohley Sep 9, 2011

1-End Of Summer Party Sept 5 Saturday, 2013

Party Announcement

Word file 178K Richard Mohley Sep 2, 2013

The Ethics of Protest and Revolution

The Ethics Of Protest and Revolution...somethi­ng to think about before we discuss the Occupy Movement.

Word file 219K Richard Mohley Nov 25, 2011

Thinking Clearly About Responsibility

Responsibility, what is it really? What does it REALLY mean?

Word file 224K Richard Mohley Jun 1, 2013

Existentialism Synopsis

A synopsis of existentialism

Word file 227K Richard Mohley Mar 25, 2011

Stand Your Ground

Word file 238K Richard Mohley Aug 24, 2013


St. Augustine invented everything about Christianity...where­ did he get those idea? Here are the answers.

Word file 251K Richard Mohley Sep 17, 2013

1-New Year Party January 5 Saturday

Party Invitation

Word file 309K Richard Mohley Jan 1, 2013

2-Better Angels COMPLETE Summary

The COMPLETE Summary of Better Angels, some 70 pages. You might want to start with my Summary of the Summary.

Word file 313K Richard Mohley Nov 25, 2012


Adobe Acrobat file 321K Richard Mohley Jul 7, 2013

Do I Exist

The Illusion of The Self

Word file 328K Richard Mohley Jun 20, 2013

1-Scalia's Dissent

Discussion Summary and Questions

Word file 349K Richard Mohley Jul 13, 2013

Eichmann Summary 2011 April 10

The latest version of my summary of Eichmann in Jerusalem. Amazing stuff!

Word file 362K Richard Mohley Apr 9, 2011

Gun Control

The Gun Control Debate explained.

Word file 409K Richard Mohley Feb 23, 2013


Worldviews summarized.

Word file 465K Richard Mohley Feb 6, 2012

1-A Xmas Carol Wiki

Origins and impact of the story.

Word file 503K Richard Mohley Dec 22, 2012

Pedophilia, a Taboo Discussed

Pedophilia, Some Rational Thoughts Suggested

Word file 503K Richard Mohley Jun 22, 2012

Radicals and Extremists


Word file 535K Richard Mohley May 19, 2013

A2-Academics by Source detailed 1st 4 ILLUSTRATIONS

Latest version of the First Four

Word file 560K Richard Mohley Feb 11, 2011

1-Rational Self Care

Thinking rationally about ourselves and our bodies.

Word file 562K Richard Mohley Jan 3, 2013

A-Righteous Mind MY DOC

The Righteous Mind summary, Part I.

Word file 771K Richard Mohley Jan 25, 2013

1-Ayn Rand LIFE and Philosophy

My summary of her life and philosophy.

Word file 774K Richard Mohley Aug 22, 2012

1-The Morals of Mitt

The ethical code derived from an examination of his life behaviors. Paul Ryan as well, but it's all about ... what values to YOU hold.

Word file 802K Richard Mohley Oct 14, 2012

Part I History Themes and Stories of the RCC

Distilled from eleven books on the history of the Church, here is it. The 2,000 Year Ethical History of the Roman Catholic Popes Part I: Major Themes and Funny Stories

Word file 817K Richard Mohley May 22, 2012

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