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New Web Presence! - Good Afternoon, I wanted to let everyone know that the Evanston Creative Writing Group now has an official Facebook Page. Look us up at https://www.face James K. Aug 14, 2015 1:36 PM
Good Afternoon - Organizer is Sick with the Plague - Good Afternoon, This message is for the three folks that RSVP'd as well as anyone planning on attending the meetup this evening.  Unfortunately I, the organizer, have come down with the plague and the kind-hearted soul that I usually ask to fi James K. Aug 12, 2015 12:22 PM
Meeting Tonight - Good Afternoon All, We will be meeting tonight, once again at St. Marks Church on Ridge.  Hope to see everyone there.   James James K. May 13, 2015 1:04 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] At St. Marks Tonight - Hi Sent by Outlook for Android Melissa P. Apr 23, 2015 6:57 AM
At St. Marks Tonight - Just a reminder, we will be at St. Marks tonight.  See you all at 7 James K. Apr 22, 2015 3:46 PM
At St. Marks Tonight and going Forward - We are at St. Marks tonight and going forward for the time being.   1509 Ridge Avenue. James K. Apr 8, 2015 1:32 PM
Location for Tonight's Meeting - Hey All, We will be meeting at St. Marks on Ridge this evening.  See you all there. James K. Mar 25, 2015 9:33 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - You can remove me from your list. Thanks, Ivy Ivy S. Mar 18, 2015 9:45 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - James - Hi - I am sorry - I, too, have had scheduling conflicts and have not marge c. Mar 18, 2015 8:33 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - Preview not available Rebecca L. Mar 18, 2015 8:27 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - Preview not available Jadi E. Mar 18, 2015 7:43 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - You can remove me from your list user 1. Mar 18, 2015 7:38 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - Hi James Arindam P. Mar 17, 2015 4:58 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - Please keep me on the list. On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 3:47 PM, Necko < [address removed] > wrote: Anne L. Mar 17, 2015 4:09 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - I just found out about “Meet-Up” yesterday. I am not pl Necko Mar 17, 2015 3:46 PM
I wish to remain on the list. - Hi James, I love coming to the group and wish to remain on the list. Susan Bell Susan Mar 17, 2015 3:45 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - I'm making time around my class schedule so that I can come to the group more often. Granted, I can't come every single week and this is my last semester of college, but for once, I finally feel like I Jessica Mar 17, 2015 3:39 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - Hi James, I have been attending the meetups and want to remain in the group. Thanks! Stephanie Mar 17, 2015 1:02 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - Please keep me in.  I am working to clear up time in my schedule so that I can attend. Seth T. Mar 17, 2015 12:51 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - Please don't remove me James. I like attending and plan to continue. Thank you! Charlene Orsine On Mar 17,[masked]:37 PM, "James Kelher" < jkelher@juno. Charlene O. Mar 17, 2015 12:47 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Membership Management - James, Phil Mar 17, 2015 12:45 PM
Membership Management - Good Afternoon, Recently (meaning today) announced a change in their pricing structure.  This new structure will be based on size of the group, rather than a flat rate.  As an attempt to keep our costs low, at the end of the week I James K. Mar 17, 2015 12:37 PM
We are at Panera Tonight and End of March also - Good morning writiers! Tonight we will be meeting in the back room at Panera on the corner of Sherman and Church.  We will also be there for a second March meeting as well.  See you all there! James K. Mar 11, 2015 8:57 AM
Meeting Tonight at ST. Marks Church on Ridge - Greetings Writing Friends, We are meeting tonight at St. Marks Church on Ridge.  Right now we have a grand total of one person that has RSVP'd, two if you count me.  I'd like to see some more RSVP's just so we know we'll have a large enough c James K. Feb 25, 2015 9:34 AM
Meeting tonight at Panera - Just a reminder that we will be meeting tonight at Panera, in the back room. James K. Jan 28, 2015 10:40 AM
Yes: We are meeting On Wednesday, Jan 14! - Hey Folks, We will be meeting tomorrow, at St. Marks Church, located at 1509 Ridge Ave.  There is some parking in front of the church, and street parking as well.  See you all there! James K. Jan 13, 2015 1:56 PM
Meetup details changed: Evanston Creative Writing Group - I've updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:­-Creative-Writing-Group/events­/197523532/ When James K. Dec 9, 2014 3:54 PM
No Meet Tonight - We will not meet tonight.  At the time I discovered we had no room I simply did not have the time to get a back up room organized.  I will get us scheduled for next Wednesday, Dec 10, as the calendar currently shows.  It will either be at the Panera James K. Dec 3, 2014 12:16 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] No Room Yet - So are we meeting tonight ? On 3 December 2014 at 10:58, Debra Bullock < [address removed] &g Arindam P. Dec 3, 2014 12:05 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] No Room Yet - That's great. I let my administrative assistant know that you may be calling. [masked] is the phone number. I will plan to meet you to let you in when it's time and show you the room. Sent from XFINITY Connect Debra B. Dec 3, 2014 10:58 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] No Room Yet - Thanks, Debra! The St. Mark's location sounds great to me. It's not all that far from Panera Bread. I would probably get something to drink anyway, so I wouldn't mind putting that amount toward a contribution. Tim Dec 3, 2014 10:33 AM
RE: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] No Room Yet - I checked the Panera location in Wilmette today. They have a standing meeting on Wednesdays from 6:45 on. So unfortunately that room is also unavailable. Charlene O. Dec 2, 2014 11:02 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] No Room Yet - St. Mark's episcopal church (corner of Ridge and Grove) has space available on Wednesday evenings. We would request a donation for each use (amount at your discretion - some groups give $5 others give $500). If you would Debra B. Dec 1, 2014 8:57 PM
No Room Yet - As it stands right now we currently do not have a room, essentially for the month of December.  The Panera on Sherman has their back room booked every Wednesday for the month, and the library is booked as well.  I am open to suggestions as to where e James K. Dec 1, 2014 8:02 PM
Meetup Cancelled: Evanston Creative Writing Group - Evanston Creative Writing Group, scheduled to occur on Wednesday, November 26,[masked]:00 PM has been cancelled. Please update your plans accordingly.  Meetup has been cancelled for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have further questions, you c James K. Nov 25, 2014 1:40 PM
Changes to Meetup for October - Hey all, Hey Gang, The dates for our meetups have changed for October.  For the month of October we will be meeting on October 15 and October 29.  Still Wednesday, still at 7 pm.  Our group is apparently in conflict with another grou James K. Oct 6, 2014 7:38 PM
Good Morning-Meetup Today - Good morning all, I just wanted to remind everyone that our regularly scheduled meetup will be occurring this evening at 7 pm in the back room at Panera Bread on Sherman in Evanston.  If you have yet to attend one of our meetings, please come James K. Sep 24, 2014 11:16 AM
Group Tonight! - Group is on for the night.  Kae is running prompts this evening and we are meeting in our regular space in the Panera back room.  Unfortunately I will be unable to attend this evening due to other committments.  You guys have a great time and I'll c James K. Aug 13, 2014 8:15 AM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] We are a go for July 23 - This will be my first meeting, I'm looking forward to joining you all! On Jul 19, 2014, at 4:51 PM, James Kelher < Adrianne Jul 20, 2014 9:38 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] We are a go for July 23 - One day - I'll get back to you all - but unfortunately I have a meeting o Jen Jul 20, 2014 12:34 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] We are a go for July 23 - Hi, It has been a while since I have been there, (and only once), but I hope to make it this Wednesday. Susan Susan Jul 19, 2014 9:53 PM
We are a go for July 23 - Hey everyone,   We are all set for July 23 to meet in the back room at Panera Bread.  I know the past few weeks have been a little scattered on meeting locations, but we are solid for the next few meetings with the room reserved.  I James K. Jul 19, 2014 4:51 PM
Possibly Meet at Pret a Manager - Terry has suggested that we can meet at Pret a Manager, across Sherman from Panera.  They do not have a private room but I believe they have plenty of seating . I am at work and cannot call them from here to see if it is ok to have our group in there James K. Jul 9, 2014 12:44 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Meetup Cancelled: Evanston Creative Writing Group - Thanks for your notification. I am looking forward to reunite with this group. Susan Susan Jul 9, 2014 10:48 AM
Meetup Cancelled: Evanston Creative Writing Group - Evanston Creative Writing Group, scheduled to occur on Wednesday, July 9,[masked]:00 PM has been cancelled. Please update your plans accordingly.  Unfortunately I was unable to secure the back room at Panera Bread for this evening, and have been unable James K. Jul 9, 2014 9:18 AM
Meeting Plans This Evening - Hey gang, Sorry for the late notice. We will start by meeting at Panera at 7, and then heading over to Cafe Mozart.  This way we gather anyone coming to the group and everyone gets where we need to be.  For anyone that wants to go str James K. Jun 11, 2014 5:53 PM
Meeting Room SNAFU - Good evening,   As of right now, we do not have a spot lined up for tomorrow's meeting.  The room at Panera was overbooked and we were bumped.  The library is also all booked.  I have been trying to contact Cafe Mozart to see if the James K. Jun 10, 2014 9:40 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Change of Location and Later Start Time: 7:30 pm - I thought I'd be able to make it tonight but it turns out I cannot. Have a good me Michael M. May 28, 2014 4:07 PM
Change of Location and Later Start Time: 7:30 pm - For this evening only, I have secured us the Reference Conference Room East in the Evanston Public Library.  The room is on the third floor of the library on Church St.   Also, we cannot get into the room until 7:30 pm, but will have James K. May 28, 2014 3:16 PM
We Do Not Have the panera Room This Evening - Hey everyone, We have lost the use of the room at panera this evening.  Not sure if there is a backup place we could meet, but for this evening we do not have a location. James K. May 28, 2014 2:55 PM
Tonights Meetup - Hey guys, I am unable to make it to tonights group.  I am at home with a nasty case of bronchitis.  Sarah is also unable to attend as her sister is in town visiting.  Would someone going tonight be able to through some prompts together?  Ho James K. Sep 25, 2013 3:02 PM
Sarah's upcoming cabaret show - I'm doing my first professional show in a few weeks.   "Sarah and Friends Sing the Songs of Burt Bacharach".   It's at Davenport's Piano Bar in Wicker Park ( with two Sunday performances (9/8 & 15).  The show is at 7PM Sarah B. Aug 12, 2013 2:11 PM
Meetup Canceled for This Evening - tuesday Feb 26 - Hey Folks,   Sorry for the late notice, but due to the inclement weather we will be canceling writing group for this evening.  Seems like a better plan to have everyone stay home, warm and safe.  We will reconvene the second Tuesday James K. Feb 26, 2013 3:35 PM
Meeting Day Changed - Now on Tuesday - Just a reminder that for the months of February, March, and April, our meeting day has been changed to the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.  The start time remains 7 pm.  We will return to our regular Wednesday meeting days beginning in May. James K. Feb 10, 2013 7:20 PM
Re: [Evanston-Creative-Writing-Gro­up] Good Morning - Thanks for the update James! Sent from my Palm Pre on the Now Network from Sprin Jen Sep 24, 2012 1:30 PM
Good Morning - The meetup is alive and well.  We have a new organizer and the dues are paid for the website.  We are good to go, and i will see all of you on Wednesday. James K. Sep 24, 2012 9:24 AM
Henry's Miracle - Good Morning, This is a repost of my blog from September 3.  Even if you are unable to donate, please share this information and the links with friends, family, and colleagues.  Thank you. T James K. Sep 6, 2012 9:43 AM
Also - When I removed the restriction I may have wiped out our RSVP's to future meetings. So check that out and re-RSVP if necessary. Thanks, Sarah Sarah B. Mar 15, 2012 10:30 AM
Removed the group size restriction - may have affected your RSVP - I removed the size restriction of twelve folks. Yesterday we had people on the waiting list who would have come, I think, had there not been a restriction. And as it was, only four of the twelve "yeses" ended up showing us and three of tho Sarah B. Mar 15, 2012 10:27 AM

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