• September 13, 2014 · 9:00 AM
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Spend a day out in the magnificent Fontainebleau Forest learning the art of climbing and bouldering (or improving your skills) and practicing yoga in the nature. 

Affordable Yoga teams up with Expats Paris and Rebekka Bieri (a climbing pro) to offer the group a chance to experience the magic mental and physical effects of combining yoga and climbing and escape Paris for a fun, active and relaxing day out in the nature. 


Climbing and yoga are 'perfect partners' as both disciplines greatly complement each other physically as well as mentally and each activity can benefit from the other. 

There are many similarities between the two activities and I have always wanted to learn bouldering (and then eventually climbing) ever since I tried it a few years ago. So when Rebekka approached me and offered to host a climbing workshop in combination with my yoga classes, I immediately agreed!

*Fontainebleau is a world famous bouldering spot (low height type of climbing activity without using the ropes). So that's what we will be starting with for this event. 


The day will consist of 2 yoga classes - routines specifically designed for climbing. 1 hour in the morning, to help us prepare for the climbing activity and 1 hour in the evening, to help soothe and stretch the muscles and calm the mind after an active and challenging day. 

After the morning yoga class I will hand you over to Rebekka and her partner for a workshop, where you will learn the specific techniques to learn or progress in the art of bouldering. 

We will then break for a picnic lunch (please bring some healthy and filling supplies for your own or to share with the group)

After a nice relaxing break we will continue our climbing activities under the watchful eye of our climbing experts until the early evening.

We will finish the day with a soothing and calming yoga practice. 

Those who wish to stay and enjoy the forest after that are very welcome.. 


1. Regular train service from Paris Gare de Lyon to Fontainbleau - Avon takes 38 minutes and departs every 30mins from Paris. Closer to the date, I would suggest a train time and we could all meet at Gare de Lyon, or Gare Fontainebleau at a certain time, and then make our way to the forest together.


2. Depending on the numbers and preferences, we can organise a special mini-bus to pick the group up from a central Paris Location and drive to Fontainebleau together. 


3. For those who have their own transport, perhaps you would be interested in offering car share for the others. I am happy to coordinate that as per need. 


We will stay in the forest all day and so please bring a picnic lunch as well as snacks to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. 


We will need to hire some safety equipment and special climbing shoes for the day. There are a few shops in Paris that we can rent it from and Rebekka will offer a couple of dates where she will accompany the group to a shop to help you chose the right equipment for you. 

Alternatively, if you prefer, it may be possible for us to arrange your equipment rental and bring it to Fontainebleau for you (providing there is enough interest in this service) we will be happy to do this for a service charge. 


Please bring your own yoga mats if possible. If you don't have a mat, please let me now and I will be happy to arrange for you to rent a mat for a day of buy your own.


To book please RSVP to this event and let me know the 

You can pay in cash, cheque, by bank transfer or online via the following link: 

When you book, please let me know your preferred travel option and equipment hire preference. 


Flexibility, balance, control on muscle tension and core strength are the very basics of yoga and climbing. Yoga practitioners and climbers believe that several of the yoga postures are similar to the postures in rock climbing.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, developed by the sages in India, to prepare the body for higher meditation, but it is also a form of exercise that stretches and strengthens the muscles of the body and builds focus and concentration, which are all essential skills for climbing.

Climbing requires a lot of strength, muscle coordination and concentration. In fact, like yoga, climbing encourages a balance between the soul, body and mind.

Yoga and Climbing similarities: 

1. Yoga and rock climbing are meditative, in the sense that both need immense concentration and both prepare the body for higher physical and mental performance.

2. Both these forms of exercise need a calm state of mind, focus, presence of mind and the ability to challenge your own physical limits.

3. Yoga and rock climbing require muscle strength, endurance and balance. And the more you practice these exercise forms, the better you’ll become at them.

4. Yoga asanas increase body awareness. This not only increases your focus and concentration, but also makes you more attuned to every movement of the body. Climbing too increases a person’s presence of mind, concentration and body awareness. While climbing a mountain, the climber has to be conscious about every movement and about the correct footholds.

5. Yoga also incorporates breath control. Pranayama teaches people to inhale and exhale in several ways to absorb more oxygen into the body and flush out toxins. A climber too has to master breath control as breathing too quickly or breathing too slowly can result in a break in concentration and muscle tension. While climbing, all the muscles of the body need to get oxygenated, so mastering breath control is very important for the climber.

6. Mental strength is very important in both yoga and climbing. A calm and focused body is essential while pursuing either of these exercises.

WE HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US THIS TIME! - but if not, we are planning to do a similar event in September.. :)

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  • dontmindme

    Hello, I'd love to go for some climbing and exploration at Fontainebleau or maybe other forets around Paris. I'm close to Saint Germain en Laye.

    September 19

  • G. É.

    Hello ! I came back without my climbing slippers, orange, size 39, scrapa. Did anyone take/find them ? Thx !!

    September 14

  • Sonia

    Ok so there was no train at 8:19, I didn't find the group and I didn't make it to the 8:12. I'm in the next one leaving at 8:42. I hope you guys can either wait for me at the train station in Fontainebleau or post me instructions on where to go from there.

    1 · September 13

  • Alberto S.

    hi there! just came to Paris for work and I have couple of free hours tomorrow, is it still possible to join you for this event? I love climbing but never done yoga... is there a little place for me?

    September 12

  • Anna

    They will wait for you in front of Le Train Bleau restaurant entrance (inside the station at the bottom of the staircase), From 7.50 - 8.10 am.. and then will take the train at 8.19 to Fontainebleau. So even if you cannot see or find the group - make sure you get on that train! I will meet you all there at 9am with some other participants and then we will walk to the climbing and yoga place - this will be about 30min walk so please make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes!
    FOOD and DRINK - please pack your lunch and snacks and drink with you enough to last for the whole day as we will not have access to any cafes in the forest.
    We will aim to finish around 5pm and can get on the train back to paris around 6.. See you all tomorrow!

    1 · September 12

    • Inese

      Thanx but where do i go if i have a car?

      September 12

  • Anna

    Dear All,

    Hope you are all doing well. Looking forward to spending a day out in the beautiful forest of Fontainebleau wit you all this Saturday.

    Currently we have 21 people signed up for this event, which is a great show of interest so thank you very much for your enthusiasm! However, only 1 person is showing as paid. May I remind you all that to guarantee your place (and for us to arrange any required equipment rental for you) we require advance payment. The capacity is limited and so we cannot count everyone in automatically just because you signed up on meet up. We will give priority to those who have prepaid via the link below:

    We still have a few spaces left but they are selling out fast and as soon as we reach capacity I will notify the group -So please reserve your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. :)

    1 · September 10

    • Franco

      Hi, me too, I payed yesterday, and I would like to have information about the venue and about the venue.

      1 · September 12

    • Anna

      Hi Both! Thanks for your payments! I will be posting the meeting instructions on here shortly! :)

      September 12

  • A former member
    A former member

    Hope you all have a great time and that the weather is better for you this time round!

    1 · September 8

  • Maria

    Looking forward.

    September 8

  • Anna

    Dear all, it is with great sadness that I have to tell you the last forecast check of the day (amongst about a 100) is still saying 90% chance of rain all day tomorrow.. So we have decided that we have no choice but to postpone the event. :( we have already set the date for the next one to be 13 September, so if you are available we can sign you up to that one straightawa. Otherwise please check my earlier message and let me know which option you would like to take to make sure you use your €30 up. :) I'm so sad that we have to cancel this event as I was really looking forward to spending a day in a beatiful forest with you all, but hope you all have a lovely weekend anyway and manage to stay dry, warm and cosy whatever you end up doing. Look forward to hearing from all of you . Warm wishes and hopefully you can all join us on September 13th! I will be posting the details shortly!

    June 27

    • Kelsey

      I don't know if I would be able to do a refund or not.....

      1 · June 28

    • Anna

      Ah that's a shame indeed, It would have been great if you could join us again, but hope your travels go well. And of course, Please just send me your bank details and I will make the transfer this week.

      June 28

  • Anna

    Dear All, just a quick update on the plan in case of rain! Unfortunately it does look at the moment as Sunday is (the only day this week) is forecast to rain.. :( We are hoping that this will change as it did with today's and yesterday's forecast. So we will keep you updated and will let you know by this afternoon / evening what the plan is - having all fingers crossed that it will stay dry!! ...however... just in case it does rain heavily we will unfortunately have to postpone. And in which case I could offer you three options.

    June 27

    • Kelsey

      I thought it was tomorrow?

      2 · June 27

    • Sonia

      Anna, when you write "Sunday" you really man Saturday, tommorow, right?

      1 · June 27

  • Sonia

    Hey, I'm wondering seeing the rain now, and looking at the weather forecast, what's the plan if it's raining Saturday?

    1 · June 26

    • Anna

      Hey Sonia, yes indeed - pls see my comment above

      June 27

  • Anna

    Hello All! Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday! And for those who will try climbing for the first time or a beginners - Here a little motivational message from Rebekka below...

    June 26

    • Anna

      When talking to people about starting to climb I often notice a general concern about their (arm) strength. There seems to be the understanding that in order to start climbing one has to already be strong. There are many other factors such as technique, endurance, mental strength, flexibility, and balance that are equally, if not more​,​ important than (arm) strength. It is important to train all of those factors for climbing. ​Too often a muscular person who starts to climb ​ignores these aspects by simply pulling up a route ​while ​having almost no technique.​This ​may work ​for the beginner route​s, but it won't improve ​their climbing skills and ​they will one day find ​themselves ​needing to improve ​their technique. On the other hand, a person who focuses more on ​their technique will benefit more in the long run. Of course, some strength will become necessary later, but climbing is the best way to train the right ​muscles​, rather than weight lifting in the gym.

      1 · June 26

    • Anna

      In short: Don't be afraid of climb​ing if you are not strong!​ It does not limit your beginner ability and ​will ​help you to focus on other aspects of climbing. Your muscles will naturally develop at the right places when climbing​ regularly. Do Yoga/Meditation to improve your mental strength, flexibility, and balance and go running to improve your endurance if you want to improve your climbing skills.

      1 · June 26

  • Anna

    Dear All, Here are the meeting plans for Saturday:
    1. Meet between at 7.50 - 8am at Gare de Lyon Station - at the entrance of 'Le Train Bleu' cafe (to take the 8.19 train), or 2. Meet at the Fontainebleau-Avon train station at 9am. And there is still time to put your order in for shoe rental - (€12) and yoga mats (€20). If you do need any of this arranged, please let me know as soon as possible. (latest by Thursday evening) - And finally, as the group size is limited to 20, to secure your place we ask everyone to pay in advance. There are currently 20 people signed up to attend (including you all) but more enquiring every day, and we can only guarantee your place if your reserve and pay in advance. So if you wish to secure your place, please kindly pay online via the following link.
    Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you on Saturday!

    June 24

    • Kelsey

      Just paid:) and I will meet u guys at gare de Lyon;)

      1 · June 24

  • A former member
    A former member

    this looks like a brilliant meetup activity - sorry to not be able to join you on Saturday

    2 · June 24

  • Anna

    Hello All, here is the best place for people to rent their equipment

    We will also rent some Crash Pads from there. For 10 people we will need maybe 3/4 crash pads. I have one so I will try and rent 2/3 more (+20/30Euro).- I hope everyone is ok sharing that cost? Rebekka can offer for people to help finding their shoes on Wednesday/Friday evening 6pm. So if you would like some help you could meet her there. :) I will be sending more info on transport logistics tomorrow so we should be all set and looking forward to an awesome day in the forest! :)

    1 · June 22

    • A former member
      A former member

      Ah, slight prob for me as I've just got wednesday night off work to go to the place with Rebekka... I can go on my own if she's no longer available, I just need to know what I'm suposed to be hiring! special shoes I guess, ropes? sorry, don't have a clue!

      June 23

    • Anna

      Hello, only shoes are required for this one. We will be hiring crash pads to share for the group (and will share out the cost afterwards (it will depend on the group size. But you on Wednesday only need to rent the shoes. :)

      1 · June 24

  • A former member
    A former member

    I'll prob meet at gare de Lyon also, but need to hire equipment. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find a place to loan equipment from? Also do we know what time it finishes?

    1 · June 21

    • Anna

      Hello! We should finish around 6.30pm, as re the equipment, I've just posted on this message board the best place to rent in Paris and also an opportunity to get help from Rebekka if you wish :) look forward to seeing you there!

      1 · June 22

    • A former member
      A former member

      That's grand, thanks ever so much Anna, see you saturday!

      June 22

  • Sonia

    Hi, same as Soy, got my own gears and would be glad to meet others Gare de Lyon.

    June 16

    • Sonia

      Just added my roommate as a +1, he will need rental climbing shoes

      1 · June 21

  • Soy

    Hi, I'm so excited to climb with you guys! i have my own yoga mat and climbing shoes; for transportation I'll be happy to meet you at Gare de Lyon or share a cab with you.

    2 · June 16

    • Kelsey

      I would love to meet and share a cab!!!! I don't have climbing gear but yoga mat is definitely a go!!!!!

      1 · June 16

    • Anna

      Great news! Really looking forward to seeing you there! It should be such a great day! :)

      2 · June 17

  • A former member
    A former member

    Hi, would this be suitable for a complete beginner? as I have only ever done yoga once and never done any climbing.
    I'm very interested, but don't want to sign up to something which is going to be far beyond my abilities!
    Also, what time are you planning to end and does the eur30 include equipment hire?

    1 · June 16

    • Anna

      Hi Roisin, yes of course! Eginners are very welcome, the yoga classes are easily adaptable for all levels and the pace is gentle and easy to follow and likewise for climbing, - I am myself a beginner too and the instruction will be aimed to cover the technique for all levels too. Hope you can join us! :)

      2 · June 17

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Your organizer's refund policy for YOGA AND CLIMBING* DAY OUT IN FONTAINEBLEAU- €30

Refunds are not offered for this Meetup.

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