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The goal of this group is to acquire eclectic individuals that enjoy various diverse activities.
The ultimate goal is to become a "group of friends".

POST YOUR PICTURE (necessary to join the group) - COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE (necessary to join group) - (IF you don't do this - YOU will be deleted from the group - -)
Join like minded people that want to share information and experiences in a friendly, supportive and fun environment.
When reviewing our activities -
click on Calendar and then click on the middle prompt - i.e. the list view

All activities will be a joint effort of everyone to achieve a safe, friendly and supportive activity.

We are a small group -
family friendly -
most activities will require group planning and reservations.
It will not be conducive to "last minute" RSVP's -
You'll need to be able to plan ahead!
No experience is needed to fish or camp -just a helpful cooperative attitude. We will be having events all around the Bay Area in all the diverse environments - Ocean, Lakes, Bay, Delta and Streams - when
the environmental climate is supportive of the events -
We will do some walking outings -
wildflowers, birdwatching and exploring with the Rangers and Docents of various parks.

SO - - -
we are all about enjoying the great outdoors and various cultural/eclectic events - -
Please join us and let the adventures begin!
Please always RSVP as we will be sharing ALL activities - Planning, Chores & Costs as well as FUN !!

Keep in mind that as we organize - our group will begin to develop a personality and direction.
We are in a period of growth and change.
Also note, we are not a "personals dating" site -
we are a "meetup activity" site.


Will I be safe on an event?
Maybe! Please understand that sometimes the activities can be dangerous. Accidents do happen and when they do you can be injured or killed. You agree to hold the organizers, assistant organizers, and other members harmless as this is an 'at risk' activity. We expect you to use caution and due diligence not to allow anything to happen to
you or cause anything to happen to others.

Is the organizer or assistant organizer 'in charge' on a hike?
No one is "in charge" at an event. The organizer - organizes and coordinates -
You are responsible for your own personal safety and expected to keep others informed about your activities and
act in such a way as to keep others from harm. The organizer expects this and will insist that you act in an
appropriate manner.

Is there anything I need to sign? I know some groups have liability forms and such
You agreed to Meetup's terms of service when you joined.
In general, section 6 says if an organizer or any member places a event on the calendar and you get injured at it, it's your own fault and you do not hold anyone else responsible.

Who runs this group?
No one. This is a group of people who like to attend eclectic events.
There is no one in charge.
If someone starts telling you what to do and you don't agree with it, don't do it.
Use your own common sense and leave the event if you think it is too risky for your taste.
PLEASE - let the organizer know - PLEASE - don't just disappear !!

So who is Marilu, the organizer? Isn't she in charge?
She is a Coordinator and Organizer - and pays for the meetup group fee.
Marilu runs the web site. She can post calendar entries and moderate the comments and photo uploads.
(Moderate means if someone puts something up that is inappropriate, she will delete it.)

What are the rules?
Be Safe. Be Courteous. If you are uncomfortable for any reason on an activity then stop.
No one is forcing you to do the activity and no one will force you to stay.
You can leave at any time -
However, be courteous and advise Marilu so that the group knows you've left.

How fast do you hike?
On walks or hikes, we all hike at our own speed.
Periodically we will wait for everyone to catch up and take a few minutes rest.
That being said, if you are slow or not in good shape -
then some activities may not be for you. Please use good judgment
and notify the organizer if you have medical conditions or limitations.
If you have concerns please email the organizer or post a comment before the event.

Do I always need to RSVP? YES
It helps the organizer if you RSVP "Yes" when you are planning to attend.
Activities with insufficient RSVP's may be canceled.
If you RSVP "No" you can add a comment about why you aren't interested in a particular event.
This lets the organizer know that an activity may not be of interest to you or others.
The RSVP keeps you in touch with others in the group.
It also will keep you active within the "meetup computer" - After a period of time, the computer
moves you to inactive - - when this happens - the organizer will delete your membership -
At any later time that you find that you can participate, you can rejoin.
Also, if you RSVP "No" you won't receive additional email reminders about the event.
There is no "Maybe" - you either plan to attend or you don't.

What if I don't know anyone at the event?
Just start talking. It works every time. People are friendly and welcoming in this group.
Generally the organizer will wear some type of yellow - hat, vest, sweater, jacket, shoes, etc.

What if I'm late?
We generally wait a few minutes past the posted starting time but that isn't guaranteed.
We do NOT always wait for those that have signed up - On some events, the group needs
to be at an event at a certain time - and - you may need to just catch up.
It's helpful if you provide your cell phone # to Marilu (in private) so that you can be contacted.

Please stop sending me all those reminder emails
Meetup tech support/computer actually generates the e-mails -
You can automatically delete the ones you don't want to see based on the subject line.
Note: If you want to respond to anything/anyone email them directly -
do NOT click on REPLY (read the information contained in the instructions).
(Click on their picture, read where they are from, click on "Send Email" to email them).

Do you ever cancel events at the last minute?
The organizer will give as much notice as possible both by email to all who RSVP'd for the
event and by updating the web page.
Be sure to check the web page as late as possible before the event.

What if I need to carpool from a different location?
You can mention this in your RSVP comment. Many people do not recheck the web
page after they RSVP so its also a good idea to check each person that has RSVP'd yes
and see where they are coming from and then email them directly.
(Click on their picture, read where they are from, click on "Send Email" to email them).

What if I want to add an event
You can organize an event if you wish.
All you have to do is write a description and show up.
E-mail me if you want to do this and I'll add the event to our calendar.

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