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Selected By: Jessica


1152 Locust St Walnut Creek, CA (map)

Selected by: Doug Alvey

Message from FarmVille:

Connect face-to-face with fellow farmers in your own hometown during the First Official FarmVille "Meetup with New Neighbors" Day! On this worldwide day, hang out with other FarmVille lovers in your area over coffee or drinks -- show off your farms, share tips and strategies, and of course, add new neighbors!

Make sure to take pictures and videos of your FarmVille Meetup! Send them in and your Meetup could be featured on our Facebook fan page! Or, even better, we'll come and host your next Meetup! Use this space to figure out the where/how. FarmVille Meetups are by users, for users -- so get together and have fun!

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    I live in Walnut Creek, I would love to make this happen!!

    Posted by Doug Alvey February 14, 2011

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Concord FarmVille Community

Concord, CA Founded February 8, 2011
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