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Selected By: Pamela Flattum


8950 E Mountain View Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (map)

Selected by: Pamela Flattum

Hello, NorthEast Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley and all points in the NE Valley. The FarmVille Meetup comes to your part of town once a month on the 2nd Sunday. THE LOCATION IS SET. We will be meeting at the IHOP on E. Mountain View Road, just East of the Loop 101! Exit on 90th St from Northbound 101, or Shea Blvd from Southbound 101. A New IHOP with Huge parking lot and a large private room. When I approached the Manager with our needs, he said, "You got it! I play FarmVille, too!

With 4 FarmVille Meetups a month, Valleywide, Everyone will have a chance to attend the FarmVille Meetup with the same basic agenda at a location close to home. Come at 6:00 for dinner, if you like, and to mix and mingle with your fellow FarmVille Fans and Fanatics. Meet and make new Friends and Neighbors!

The Monthly Agenda is planned by the Community Organizer for the NE FarmVille Meetup. Below is the basic agenda for the Valleywide FarmVille Meetups.

FarmVille Latest
Current Known Issues
Open Questions and Answers Session

The more formal part of the Meetup will end by 8:30 PM, so that those with early morning obligations can get home. The rest of us can stay and chat or play until they're ready to close the doors on us.

We are very open to your ideas and suggestions about how we can build these FarmVille Meetups and make them most valuable and important for you. Please share your thoughts with your Community Organizer.

We hope that you find these FarmVille Meetups so worth your while, that you choose to attend often. Regardless of where you live in the Metro Area, you are always Welcome at any (or every) FarmVille Meetup. SEE YOU THERE!

Selected by: FarmVille

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    Hi All!! This weeks Meetup is in the NE Valley! If you are planning on attending, I Need YOU to sign in here so we can have an accurate count of how many people to plan for this Meetup! Thank YOU!! :)
    Take CARE!

    Posted by Pamela Flattum July 9, 2011

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