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Group Status??

user 68485382
Fort Myers, FL
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Fellow members,

It appears we have reached an interesting point in the group's development. We have no apparent Ft Myers meetings being planned, no information being shared, no proposed events, and splinter groups that seem to be much more organized and active that this original group.

I feel like tapping a microphone and saying "is this thing on?"

What is the future of this group? What the heck is going on here?

When this group originally started, I was really excited about the prospect of being able to meet regularly with like-minded individuals and share information, techniques, and ideas. It seems like when Roshan left, everything just kind of slowly fizzled out.

Emergency preparedness in Southwest Florida is not a radical concept. It's a normal and practical thing to consider, based on the fact that storms WILL come here, supplies DO run out at the stores, and power WILL fail once in a while. We're not talking about zombies, EMP, terrorist attacks, financial collapse, or the continents flipping over backwards here... we are talking about historically proven reality. In fact, depending on where you live, a halfway decent tropical storm could knock out your power for over a week!

I would personally enjoy being part of a group that talks about preparing for emergency situations, sustainable lifestyle methods, sharing information about different types of preparation for different scenarios, and maybe even has a social gathering once in a while to meet some like minded friends. An occasional mealworm-eating, spider-hole-living extremist will be in the mix once in a while, but that's as normal as Uncle Billy drinking too much and ruining Thanksgiving.

Is this group still a valid pursuit of these objectives?? I would really like to know. If it is not, I will seek some other venue, or create one of my own.

I await your feedback, team.
Tom M
user 45905232
Fort Myers, FL
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I totally agree with you. This organization is heading into a stagnant, undirected, unhappy and uncoordinated condition. We essentially have no one "at the helm" of this sinking ship. We can't count on someone who is not "in country" most of the time to guide this group. We started out with monthly meetings, and had good attendance for all of them, then we lost our direction, and input from the organizer, we now have no meetings. I feel that it is time for us to either get some leadership in this group or form our own. There has to be people among us that are willing to devote some time to directing those of us wanting to continue as a group. Perhaps, instead of one "Captain" directing us, we could form a leadership core group, so that all the responsibilities don't fall on one person.
I, for one, would like to see this group (or another, reformed group) pursue our original goals, sharing info and ideas, maintaining a cohesive, mutually supportive group. Let's ALL comment on how we can save what we have, and build on it.

A former member
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Does this mean the two of you are willing to start and be the leaders of the new group? That's great news!
user 68485382
Fort Myers, FL
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I plan to consult with some of the elders of this tribe before i would take any kind of bold action like that. Its not that I don't mind putting in the small amount of time, effort, and whatever money it may take to make this work. Its just that I don't know that it's wise for me to try and be the Lone Ranger when it comes to forming a new group. That's how people end-up in groups of 1.

There may very well be some things working in the background that none of us know about. The problem I have is,... this preparedness thing is gnawing at me and it craves immediate gratification. "Waiting patiently to find out what's going on" has never been one of my strengths.

Oh ancient ones, lend me your wisdom!
Tom M
user 45905232
Fort Myers, FL
Post #: 103
Come see and participate...­
Thomas R
user 92148982
Fort Myers, FL
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I know I am new here but I am willing to help out with setting things up and anything needed so Buzz
If you take the lead just ask and I will help
Tom M
user 45905232
Fort Myers, FL
Post #: 107
Organizational Meeting
May 25, 2013 2:00 PM
Lakes Regional Library (Bass Road)
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