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A cool drawing exercise to get you started!

Dov Tsal S.
Group Organizer
Paris, FR
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If you want to dedicate an hour to experience drawing without judgement and be amazed at the results - take an hour off, and read on...

The first exercise my beloved teacher gave us when I started drawing is this:

(I copied the instructions below from the web and reduced them a bit, you can find the full version here:
http://www.castlenort...­ )

- Print the following picture to A4 size: Igor Stravinsky drawn by Picasso
(you can find it also at the attached pdf)
- Put it upside down (head down, legs up)
- The exercise is to draw a copy of it, but while turning off all judgement and knowledge.

1.Play music if you like, finish the drawing in one sitting, allowing yourself at least forty minutes (yea right)-more if possible. And more important, do not turn the drawing right side up until you have finished.

2. You may start anywhere you wish-bottom, either side, or the top. Most people tend to start at the top. Try not to figure out what you are looking at in the upside-down image. It is better not to know. Simply start copying the lines. But remember: don’t turn the drawing right side up!

3. I recommend that you not try to draw the entire outline of the form and then “fill in” the parts. The reason is that if you make any small error in the outline, the parts inside won’t fit. One of the great joys of drawing is the discovery of how the parts fit together. Therefore, I recommend that you move from line to adjacent line, space to adjacent shape, working your way through the drawing, fitting the parts together as you go.

4. If you talk to yourself at all, use only the language of vision, such as: “This line bends this way,” or, “That shape has a curve there,” or “Compared to the edge of the paper (vertical or horizontal), this line angles like that,” and so on. What you do not want to do is to name the parts.

5. When you come to parts that seem to force their names on you-the H-A-N-D-S and the F-A-C-E-try to focus on these parts just as shapes. You might even cover up with one hand or finger all but the specific line you are drawing and then uncover each adjacent line. Alternatively, you might shift to another part of the drawing.

6. At some point, the drawing may begin to seem like an interesting, even fascinating, puzzle. When this happens, you will be “really drawing,” meaning that you are seeing clearly. This state is easily broken. For example, if someone were to come into the room and ask, “How are you doing?” your verbal system would be reactivated and your focus and concentration
would be over.

7. You may even want to cover most of the reproduced drawing with another piece of paper, slowly uncovering new areas as you work your way down through the drawing. A note of caution, however: Some of my students find this ploy helpful, while some find it distracting and unhelpful.

8. Remember that everything you need to know in order to draw the image is right in front of your eyes. All of the information is right there, making it easy for you. Don’t make it complicated. It really is as simple as that.

After you have finished.-
Turn both of the drawings-the reproduction and your copy-right side up. I can confidently predict that you will be pleased with your drawing, especially if you have thought in the past that you would never be able to draw.
user 11550768
Paris, FR
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Hello Dov, hope you are doing fine.

Due to a possible fracture in my foot, I'm at home today, so I decided to try out this exercise.
So long that I don't experience the joy of drawing and I am so amazed with the result, that I had to share it. I'm posting the pic. smile
On top of that, I was able to follow your sugetion and forget the eraser. I have still to work on the time. I could not stay 40 min working on it. I will do better next time.

Thank you, this exercise is just awesome.
Hope to see you all Sunday. wink

Dov Tsal S.
Group Organizer
Paris, FR
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Sure I am doing fine, how can I feel differently after reading your post?
It's a bit like the moment when you learn how to bike taht you manage to keep your feet in the air and see you don't fall, ain't it?

You really made me smile!
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