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Free Market Workshop with Liberty on the Rocks

Selected By: James P.

CCU Northglenn Campus

10190 Bannock St, Northglenn, CO 80260 (map)

Selected by: James P.

Liberty on the Rocks has a local Denver chapter which is hosting a Free Market Workshop in Northglenn. It is on November 10 from 9am-5pm. The cost is $10. Tickets and more information are available here:


Selected by: James P.

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    There may also be a get-together afterwards for networking and the like. I don't know any of the details yet nor can I confirm that it will occur.

    I also don't exactly want to encourage people to skip the workshop, but if you can only set aside a few hours, that might be a good way to meet other liberty-lovin' locals!

    Posted by James P. October 29, 2012

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